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The iOS Jailbreak Store Cydia Shuts Down In-App Purchases for its Users



The prominently known iOS jailbreak store – Cydia has closed the in-app purchases considering a bug related to PayPal digital token system. The founder Jay Saurik Freeman took his Reddit account to announce the shut down on the Apple App Store’s long-drawn rival the Cydia mobile store.

According to Saurik, this shut down is apparently due to a recent report of a bug related PayPal account that has affected a very less number of users. However, there are a very few numbers who are using Cydia in which a few less number of users are logged in, Suarik feels this is ‘not an issue’ as it is only a bug an not a data leak. Nevertheless, Saurik claims he was eventually going to shut down the Cydia store entirely by the end of this year, and this report gave him a push to shut down the in-app purchases for now.

Moreover, Saurik believes shutting down the Cydia mobile store would lose him money, and this was also a significant element of a healthy ecosystem that helped fund a few people to maintain the ecosystem. Saurik also claims that after spending a sufficient time of reconsidering his timelines, he has decided to shut down the ability to buy things from Cydia store, which is still considered to be the rival division system of Apple’s App Store. Besides, Apple’s App Store and ecosystem have become more secure, which led to the decrease in the number of jailbreak users that eventually lead to a reduction of the Cydia mobile store users.

According to his Reddit post, Saurik has confirmed that he would put together a more detailed post about the timeline of Cydia and the reported bug as well, most likely in the next week.



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