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Telangana RTA Launches m-wallet App to Digitally Store your RC, Driving License & Vehicle Docs



Telangana RTA m Wallet

If you are in Hyderabad or any part of Telangana State and worried about getting caught by the traffic Police in your region in case you forgot the license at your home then there is an interesting application available on the Google Play store which will solve all your problems when caught by the police.

Telangana Govt has yesterday launched a new mobile applications which stores the data about the road transport department. This application is a perfect Digital wallet to store all the documents issued by the transport department.

How does the RTA m-Wallet Work?

Step 1: Download the application from the Google PlayStore.

[appbox googleplay]

Step 2: Now open the application from the App Drawer, the application starts with a Demo Pop-up which provides you complete instructions about the registration.

Step 3: You need to register on your device by entering the your full name, Email and Mobile Number & then you need to tap on the register button.

Step 4: An OTP message will be sent to your number which must be entered on your device to complete the registration.

Step 5: Once you done with the registration, you will enter the m-wallet where you need to tap on the Add new button on your home screen.

Step 6: You will find two options RC and driving licence. If you want the RC i.e, Registration Certificate in your wallet then you need to enter the details of the registration number of your vehicle along with the last five digits of the Chassic Number of you vehicle which you can find that on your printed RC. Once you enter the details of your RC tap on the Get Button .

The RC details will be retrieved on your device.

Step 7: If you want to add the Driving license, then you need to enter you Driving License Number, Date of Birth and prescribed RTA details which you can find on the back side of your license and tap on the GET button.

Your license details will be retrieved from the DataBase of the Telangana RTA department.

This application is very useful where you can add the details of all your vehicles and can also add the license details of your family members. In case if you have logged out from the application then don’t get worried about the database on your account as you need to enter your mobile number to sign in into your account with an OTP as password making it simple. This is one of the best step taken by the Telangana Govt toward the Digital India, making everything available on your smartphone. If you got caught by the cops then you need to just show your license and RC details from the application directly, rest of the documents like Pollution and Insurance must be carried physically. Do make a note that you follow proper traffic rules for your safety by wearing helmets while on bike, seat belt in Car and following the traffic signals.

Note: This application is available for the people who stay in Telangana and is not applicable for the people of Andhra Pradesh.


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