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How to Stop, Opt Out of Trending Searching from Google Search App on your SmartPhone



Google is always testing new features and likes to improve own its own, may it be recently announced the integration of placing the order for your food from Search results or Google cards showing up on Google Now on Tap app. We hear these updates or sometimes miss as it’s hard to keep up with Google’s engineering team, who is always making their products more resourceful.

But sometimes, it happens that the most of the users end up hating the new changes as they got used to the current features. The Trending search feature that appeared in the auto-complete Omnibox around couple months back can now be disabled, i.e. Opt out.

Back in April, the search giant though it would be a good idea to showcase the trending topics on their website in the Omni-box of the Google Search app on your Smartphones. As we said, some like the new introduction, while some didn’t. The reason could be that many searchers felt it was relevant at all to the user’s history.

So, about last week, the company quietly announced that the users who don’t want these trending topics to appear in their auto-complete search box could opt out of it on their smartphones. Their announcement was made on the Google Web Search Help thread, which highlighted that these trends are not necessarily required to be shown in the search box.

Note: This service was rolled out to the users with Google Search App version 6.1+. If you’re not on that version, then it doesn’t concern you.

Below are the instructions to opt out of the Trending Searching from Google Search App on your smartphone.

  • Launch Google Now
  • Tap on the three-bar icon, i.e. Menu.
  • Select the Settings.
  • Now choose the Autocomplete option.
  • You’ll have to toggle off the “Show trending searches.”

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