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How to pronounce Android Nougat? 30 Different Ways recommended by our Readers



Android N, the next version of Android after Marshmallow, was made official during Google I/O 2016. At the time of the announcement, Google didn’t tell us what it would be named. Instead, the company made an announcement stating the name of the next version of android will be decided by the public. An official web page was created by the company for people to go and suggest a name.

Yesterday, Google finally revealed the name of the next version of its operating system to be Android “Nougat”. Keeping up with the tradition of the name the versions after sweet treats, this is no exception. But the most anticipated name for this version of Android was “Nutella”. According to various polls and reports, it was confirmed by many, stating that the expected name would be “Nutella”.

But to our surprise, the company decided to call it “Nougat”. As surprising as it is, it is also not the easiest name to pronounce. People often get confused with various name and fail to pronounce it correctly. Upon asking our readers, we came across some of the most commonly mispronounced names for “Nougat”.

Here is the list of 30 different ways to pronounce the “Nougat”, recommended by our readers.

Android Nougat Pronounciations PhoneRadar

  • Nougat
  • Noughat
  • Noghut
  • Noga
  • Nougot
  • Nogurt
  • Noooghaat
  • Noghaat
  • Negut
  • Neghat
  • Nawgat
  • Nawget
  • Nogut
  • Newgut
  • Nowhgot
  • NowGat
  • Nouughatt
  • Nugget
  • Naget
  • Nou-ga
  • Noo-Gaa
  • Noghat
  • Nogaat
  • Nugat
  • Nutgut
  • Nougt
  • Nuoget
  • Noget
  • Nawghat
  • Noghot

As funny as these names might be, but these are the names that people often get confused with. This next version of Android is going to be launched publicly soon and will be available as an OTA update to existing Marshmallow users. Android Nougat is expected to bring a lot of new changes to the existing version. Even though, there are not many visual changes to the operating system, but there is a lot going on internally to make the user experience better.

Check out our list of top 15 features of Android Nougat here, to know more about the new features and functions in detail. Let us what do you think about this new name the company has come up with. Do you like it or you think it could have been something different? If you have any suggestions tweet your suggestions to us @phoneradarblog


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