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Lenovo A6000 Plus is slow? How to speed up for Better Performance in 6 minutes



Lenovo A6000 Plus phone

Lenovo A6000 Plus comes with a powerful 1.2 Ghz quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, 2 GB RAM and it is packed with good specifications with in a budget price. This device from Lenovo soon became popular just like Lenovo A6000 due to its beautiful design and good performance. But, anyhow some users are facing the issue with the performance of the device as this is very common phenomenon in the android devices.

Lenovo A6000 Plus Smart phone users are pretty much worried about these minor performance issues, but we can easily sort them out with few settings and precautions. In this article, we bring you few tips which help you to speed up your Lenovo A6000 Plus smart phone.

Download Software Update

First of all, make sure to have a latest OS update on your Lenovo A6000 Plus. It is advisable to check for the software update in the ‘About Phone’ option under settings. If there is any update available, then install the new update as updates always fix minor bugs and increase the performance of the device.

If your device is up to date and even then the performance is slow, then you need to take few precautions and change few settings which are mentioned below.

Wipe cache partition

Clearing the cache partition is also good recommendation for speeding up the device. But it needs a little procedure and so follow it carefully before proceeding.  In order to clear the cache partition, you need to turn off the phone and press the volume UP + Down button along with the power button simultaneously.

Now, select the wipe Cache partition option by navigating through the Volume buttons and confirm the selection using power button. Once the cache partition is done, reboot the phone and now the device will perform much faster than normal.

Clearing Individual App Caches

Every android user will fill their smart phones with many apps and due to which the device gets slower in performance. The reason behind this is, cache will get stored in every app you open and is indirectly affects the storage space and device’s performance.

In order to clear the cache, just open up the app manager in your Lenovo A6000 Plus device and select the each app and tap on the ‘Clear Cache’ button. In this way, you can easily clear off the cache from the apps which can make your device to perform better.

Delete Unnecessary and Battery draining Apps

Find out the apps which are consuming more amount of battery in your Lenovo A6000 Plus device and uninstall those apps if not required. Some of the apps will be responsible for the slow performance of the device as they drain the battery very soon and heats up the device.

So, in order to uninstall the apps, just move on to the particular app on the app manager and tap on uninstall option. Also, before installing any app, make sure to install it only if required.

Disable unnecessary features

There are many features available in the Lenovo A6000 Plus smart phones which are user-friendly. But, the users should make sure to disable some features like WiFi, Bluetooth etc., whenever not in use. By disabling some features, users can gain some extra power in the battery at the same time it can alter the device performance to some extent. So, do remember to disable the features which are not in use.

If you are facing any issues with your Lenovo A6000 Plus smart phone, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we try to provide solutions for them.


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