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Sony Xperia Z5 Camera Tips for Capturing Better Photos – 7 Tricks



Sony put good camera sensors on their Xperia flagship handsets, and this year we saw something similar. The Japanese mobile giant, who also happens to be a pioneer in the sensor business, has been offering great camera modules to all other smartphone brands out there. Taking full advantage of the situation, the latest Xperia Z5 sports a new 23-megapixel sensor, which is an amazing camera when it comes to broad daylight shots and macro capabilities.

But a good camera can always be made better by following simple tips. That’s where we come in to help you with it. We have played around with the camera on the Z5 and thus sharing some tips that we have used to get better camera captures.

Change the Scene

You have to take the control of the scene if you’re operating in the manual mode. The Xperia Z5 may have removed the RAW capture support, but you still can have a lot of fun without it. When you switch to the manual mode, by default the scene selection is off, you get an option on the left top of the camera app interface. The manual mode on Xperia Z5 is nothing like DSLRs has, it’s quite simpler, and you get a hang of it pretty fast.

Sony Xperia Z5 - Scene Selection

The Shutter Button

All you need to do is push a button. Yes, that’s what it takes to capture the shots on the Xperia Z5. The physical button comes in handy when you are capturing scenes underwater. We have mentioned in our review of the Xperia Z3, the previous iteration in the Xperia flagship, that touch screen gets very hard to operate under water. But this time on Xperia Z5 that issue has been taken care.

Now about that use of shutter button. While the device is submerged under water, obviously not fully, you can have fun with the camera using the physical button. Even the touch screen operation under water has been improved, but we recommend you to use the touch block feature and stop touch sensitivity. Thus, using a physical shutter button makes more sense when you’re shooting underwater.

Keep it Cool

The Xperia Z5 is a hot mess just like the previous generation of Xperia devices, it force closes the camera app. There’s the only way to keep that annoying dialog box popping up every time the system overheats, which is that you should close all the apps running in the background before starting recording. That way the processor don’t have to process any other things. There’s no concrete way of stopping the heating issue; Sony wasn’t able to do it, and I bet Snapdragon might have tried their best. But Snapdragon 810 is just not a power efficient processor.

Sony Xperia Z5 - Camera Close Dialog Box

Shake it as you like

The device comes with Optical Image Stabilization, so you have to make use of it. The superior auto mode has the option to enable the feature, first you have to hit the camera settings and head to the video tab. There turn ON the SteadyShot for stabilized video. Such as in manual mode, hit the settings and toggle the switch to Image Stabilizer. While in 4K video content you also got the SteadyShot, tap on the settings and turned that on too. Remember it’s just not the Intelligent Active mode. Now you’re armed and should be able to get much steadier photos and videos as well.

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4K Video

The 4K is great, as long as long as you can watch the content in its original state, i.e. in full 4K resolution. Unless you won a Xperia Z5 premium device, you can’t watch the fruit of 4K video on your smartphone. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean you should write it off. 4K is the future just like many things, and it won’t be long that until we’ll have 4K as the default option in all camera phones.

Sony Xperia Z5 - 4K Video

Still making it sure, if you don’t have 4K TV you might want to stick with 1080p video, since, the device does get heated up a lot while recording 4K resolution content. Since, any way you have the device; you can try out the option and track down a 4K TV to play it back. You’ll like the detail of the content shot. Though, be sure to put the microSD card before you start recording, for obvious reasons, 4K is going to chew up the storage space on your Xperia Z5.

Shoot at Lossless Zoom

Sony Xperia Z5 - 8MP Camera Resolution

We noticed on the first few clicks that 8-megapixel was the resolution of the captures, it was because company set it by default. The reason was that at the 8MP resolution, the sensor is capable of taking lossless zoom shots. What it basically means is that when you take an 8MP capture, the camera takes information from 23MP sensor for the 8MP shot and thus it’s like zooming the 23MP shot up to 8MP resolution. So, that’s why the details are pretty sufficiently clear for a normal 8MP photo. Don’t go into inception, the important thing is that you get lossless zoom captures.

Launch it Quick

These day’s smartphones are becoming so fast and efficient in capturing images that you won’t miss capturing the favourite moments of your life. Now to talk about how you can do that on your Sony Xperia Z5, well it is quite simple. The Z5 offers multiple options to achieve that, such as launch the app on home screen, from the lock screen or even when the display is turned off, all that by holding down the shutter button. Shortcuts like this should be enough to make empowered during every moment.

We hope these tips are helpful for you to make the better use of the camera on Sony Xperia Z5. If you have any queries for us, then shoot them into the comments below.


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