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Sony Xperia Z2 is Slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 5 Minutes



Sony has proved to be one of the top manufacturers in the smartphone industry by launching a wide variety of devices at regular intervals. With the launch of Sony Xperia Z1, it gave the shock waves to everyone and proved to be a tough competitor. After the success of Z1, the company has launched Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 by improving and updating lots of features.

We are here to discuss the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone as few of its users reported about the performance issues. So, we worked on it and found out few easy ways with which the users can speed up the phone for better performance just under 5 minutes. You don’t need any extra installations or any premium features for boosting up the phone; it’s just a few settings and precautions which when followed will gear up the performance of your device.

Turn Off Animations

Animations may enhance the look and beauty of your phone but at the same time, it may run the processor slow and has an indirect effect on the functionality. So, our advice for you is to disable the animation feature or reduce it for the better performance of the device.

Sony Xperia Z2 About phone
The animation settings will be found in the developer options of your device. By default, these options will not be enabled, and so you need to tap few times on the ‘Build number’ option under ‘Settings>About Phone’. Now, you can see these options enabled in the ‘Settings>More’, tap on the ‘Developer Options’ and scroll down until you see animation options. Next, turn off those settings or reduce them to 0.5X and see the change in the performance of the phone.

Uninstall Apps

Almost all the Android devices packed up with few pre-installed and bloatware apps. The bloatware apps may cause battery draining and performance issues in the phone soon after few months of usage. So, it’s better to uninstall or disable all such apps from your device so as to improve the performance of the phone.

Also, Android users will install several apps from the play store out of which few are unnecessary. All those apps will occupy storage space and might be a reason for the slow functionality of the device. So, find out such apps from the device and uninstall them permanently to enhance the performance.

Clear App Cache and Wipe Cache Partition

In every Android device, whenever you open a specific app, then cache gets stored in the background. The cache keeps increasing its size for any action on the app, and the users will forget to clear it in time. As a result, the storage space in the device gets reduced and also, the performance of the phone also gets affected. So, open each app from your app manager and clear the cache so as to enhance the functionality of the device.

Another way to clear the cache from your device is by performing wipe cache partition. For that, press volume up and power button at the same time while the phone is still ON. The phone gets vibrated for three times after few seconds which indicates that the process of wipe cache partition is completed. That’s all; entire cache from the phone gets erased, and you will be having better performance on using the phone.

Say No to Widgets

Widgets may be the other reason for the slow performance of the phone as they use the processor more than any other apps. So, we advise you to disable all the widgets from your phone and if at all you are fond of using those then limit them to one or two. You can see the difference in the performance by yourself after disabling the widgets from the device.

Also, try not to use Live Wallpapers for the background as it also affects the functionality of the phone. Find out normal and beautiful wallpapers which enhance the look of your phone and start using them. So, in the first place, you need to say no for widgets and live wallpapers.

Check for Update

Software updates will be released by the manufacturers at regular intervals which have fixes for minor bugs. So, check for the software updates on your device in ‘Settings>About phone’ and if you find any, download and install those updates in the device. By updating your device, the performance of the phone gets even better than before.
Sony Xperia Z2 phone

Factory reset

If you fail to enhance or improve the performance of your phone by above methods, then you can perform the factory reset which will make your device a brand new one. But before proceeding further, take a backup of your data as this will erase everything from your phone. Just tap on ‘Settings>Backup&Reset>Factory data reset>Reset Phone’ to initiate the process, and this takes some time to finish the process. Once the process is done; you will be having a brand new phone as there is no data left on the phone.

Few Quick Tips

Other than above methods, there are few precautions which when followed will gear up the device’s performance. Try to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth settings on your phone whenever not in use and always use manual adjustments for rotation and brightness. Do not perform multi-tasking on the phone as the phone may get hanged.

If you are having Sony Xperia Z2 and are facing any performance issues, then feel free to mention them in the comments section below, and we try to resolve all those issues for you.

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