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Top 7 Major Sony Xperia Z Problems & How To Fix them



Sony always amazes the smartphone lovers by embedding latest technologies in its devices. All its Android-based devices were a success in the market as it always meets the user requirements. Sony Xperia Z was the first water resistant smartphone from the Sony, which comes with a 5-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Pro processor.

The line-up devices Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z2 also managed to get their place in the favorite list of Android users. As of now, we are receiving few reports from the users of Sony Xperia Z stating that the device started showcasing some issues after few months of usage. So, we worked out with the same and found solutions for all the major problems involved with the Xperia Z smartphone.

1. Over-Heating

Problem –
Almost all the users reported about the over-heating issue on their devices. Usually, they seem to face this issue while charging or performing any task on the phone.

Solution –
We did few workouts to solve this issue and surprisingly we can overcome the problem. Whenever you charge the device, take out the case and charge it. We are are sure that this will help you out and also do remember that, never place the phone in cold water when it is hot as it may result in breaking/cracking of screen. Also, do not attempt to perform multi-tasking (opening several apps at a time) on the phone as it can heat the device and results in hanging the phone.

2. Poor Battery-Life

Problem – Few users reported that they are getting very poor battery-life after using the device for few months. It seems like a common issue for all the handsets, and there is no way to panic as we can easily sort this issue.

Solution – First thing to remember is, always use the original battery charge for charging the device as other chargers will discharge the battery very soon. Also, open ‘Settings>Battery’ and look out what is consuming more power. If any app is over-using the battery, then uninstall the app and check.

Another thing you can do is, go to ‘Settings>Power management>Stamina mode’ and turn it ON. Also, remember to turn off the Wifi, Bluetooth and data connections whenever not in use so as to save the battery life.

3. MicroSD card is not Functioning Properly

Problem – Some users reported that they are getting an error message like ‘Memory has been removed unexpectedly’. The same issue seems to repeat when tried using other SD cards too.

Solution – The users can try using different SD cards of other manufacturers and if the problem persists then all you need to do is formatting the microSD card on the phone. By now, the problem should be resolved.

4. LED Notifications are not working

Problem – In every Xperia Z smartphone, LED light will blink at the top-right of the device whenever the user receives any message or email. But, few users reported that the light is not working for the notifications.

Solution – Well, you can try few things to resolve this issue. The first thing to do is turn off the stamina mode. Check the ‘Settings>Power management> Stamina mode’ and turn the stamina mode off. But, by turning it off, the battery life may become poor.

Another way to resolve the issue is to perform ‘Factory reset’. But, by performing this task, the user will lose entire data from the device as it erases everything. So, now open ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset’ and then follow on-screen instructions. Once done, the LED light may turn up for notifications.

5. Lag in Performance

Problem – Some users are facing lag in performance of the device. It also seems like a common issue for all the Android-devices, and we can easily try out few things to solve this issue.

Solution –
First thing you can try is by turning off or reducing the animations. To do so, you need to enable the developer options by tapping few times on ‘Build number’ under ‘Settings>About phone’. Once the options are enabled, open those options and scroll down to find animation settings. By default, they were marked with 1X and so now you can turn them off completely or reduce it to 0.5X to increase the performance of the phone.

Try removing the app cache from the device as it may be a reason for the lagging. To do so, open each app from your app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button to remove cache of the apps. Also, do not attempt to over-load the processor by opening several apps at a time.

Another way you can try to improve the device functionality is by performing the factory reset of the phone as explained above. Open ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, avoid Widgets and Live Wallpapers to avoid any performance issues.

6. Sudden death issue

Problem – Most of the Xperia Z users seems to face this issue of sudden death where the screen goes to sleep and fails to awake. Sometimes, the screen isn’t responding even-after pressing the power button.

Solution – As this issue became popular and so Sony itself released an update to resolve this issue. So, make sure that your device is updated with the latest software.

7. Sudden Pause of Music

Problem – Sony is popular for its music system and most of the users who are fond of music always bought Sony handsets. But, in Sony Xperia Z, few users are facing an issue with the music player. Many reported that the music has been pausing and stuttering suddenly.

Solution – To resolve this issue, try listening to the songs by turning off Bluetooth and WiFi connections as they may interrupt the audio. The other reason for music stuttering is a microSD card. So, we recommend you to try another SD card by replacing it with an older one. This may work for sure, and you will be out of this issue.

Other than the issues mentioned above, if you are facing any other issues with your Sony Xperia Z smartphone, then write us down in the comments section below, and we try to resolve the same for you.


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