Sony Xperia X Premium to feature World’s First HDR Display with 1300 nits brightness

by Teja Chedalla 33

At the MWC 2016, Sony had launched three new smartphones – Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, and Xperia XA. The new X series is said to replace the Z series, and 2015 launched Xperia Z5 will be the last device in the Z series. Now the latest information from the confirmed sources suggests the company to launch a new device called Sony Xperia X Premium which will be the successor for Xperia Z5 Premium.

The Xperia Z5 Premium is the world’s first smartphone to feature 4K resolution display. Now the upcoming Xperia X Performance will feature world’s brightest display. It sport a 5.5-inch Whitemagic LCD display with a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution that supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) playback. This will also be the world’s first smartphone to feature HDR supported display.

Last year JDI had launched the 10-inch LCD display that supports HDR playback. Since Sony is one of the company in the joint venture of JDI, we strongly believe that the upcoming Xperia X Premium will be using this latest display technology in their upcoming smartphone. Even after Xperia Z5 launch, everyone expected Sony to use OLED display for their upcoming devices, but the company still continuing with the LCD displays.

The display on the X Premium offers 1000 nits of white brightness and can go upto a maximum brightness of 1300 nits. For comparison, Samsung Galaxy S7 is said to offer a maximum brightness of 855 nits while the Xiaomi Mi 5 is limited to 600 nits. Till date, even the best smartphone in the world offered a color depth of only 16.8 million, but the 10-bit HDR display of Xperia X Premium offers the color depth of 1.07 billion.

Instead of the 256 shades of RGB colors, the 10-bit HDR display comes with 1024 color shades of the three primary colors Red, Blue, and Green. It offers refresh rated upto 120Hz which we normally see on premium UHD TV’s. The display comes with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Apart from the display, the device includes similar specifications as Xperia X Performance.

The device will be powered by Snapdragon  820 processor coupled with Adreno 530 GPU and 3GB of RAM. It also sports USB Type-C port with higher data transfer speeds that might be useful for transferring HDR content. While there is no other any other information about the device, we will update you once there are any details regarding the Sony Xperia X Premium.

Teja Chedalla

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  • Pulkit Jain

    Sony is definitely pushing the limits but the question still remains is,how will be the battery life?
    They certainly need to pack a massive battery to power that display.

    • FromChinaWithLove

      Sadly, Sony won’t do anything about the battery. Just take a look at all their new phones that they’re putting out nowadays. The battery capacity is smaller and smaller and they still claiming for 2 days battery life!

      • Shamoy Rahman

        Yes, but it has Qnovo tech that reduces battery usage significantly and Stamina + Doze mode throttles activity in sleep mode intelligently to boost battery life. There’s a reason why they shaved off the battery capacity.

        • FromChinaWithLove

          I never really use stamina (+) mode because i don’t really see the difference when my phone is at 30% or lower. Whenever my XZ3 hit 30%, that when i need to stop using it and go charge it ASAP. I’m not saying it is useless or anything, i think it does do something, like giving you abit more time until you’re able to charge your phone. But, if you’re still gonna use the phone during that time( even if you have stamina+ mode on), from 30% to 20% are less than 30 minutes of time and when it shows 20% and the notifications led is red( either you’re charging the phone or it shut off).

          • Bezels for the win !

            try ”extended usage” ,by default only ”extended standby” is enabled in STAMINA mode and that doesn’t make a big difference.

        • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

          If they shaved of the battery capacity, how come it’s so thick? It’s thicker than previous Z models that had bigger batteries in them, which makes ZERO SENSE.

          • Shamoy Rahman

            To be honest, I really don’t know why. Maybe in general, 8.7 mm is more comfortable to hold. It could be due to the curved glass and new curved aesthetic. Either way, I think they should’ve fit at least 3000 mAh into it.

        • Mohammad Aidil Fahsyi Mohammad

          I can agreed with you. The latest qnovo tech just make the batteries last longer even with small mah capacities. It proved on my Xperia X..

      • spwx

        Did you ever use Sony Z phone? I got more battery life with my Z3 than with my Redmi 3. It should not happen but it does.

        • FromChinaWithLove

          Xperia Z3 (t- mobile US) user here. So yes, I’ve use a Sony phones before and now( my old one was a xperia Z1s, also t- mobile). And if you mentioned the redmi phone because of my username, that’s just sad! I never use a single Chinese brand smartphones ever before.
          And as for the xperia Z3, basically no game( and definitely not on a 4G during the day), the battery draining faster during hot days( it’s more worst if it’s on 4G). Sony’s so call 2 days battery life are light use of everything on your phone, talk a little, texts a little, browsing the internet a little( and hopefully you’re connect to WiFi during that 6 – 8 hrs of working hrs).

          • spwx

            I mentioned Redmi 3 since it is also a phone I own and it has 4000mh battery on Snapdragon 615 with small 720p screen and yet my Z3 equals it in battery performance (little bit worse on screen time but better if bluetooth is used eg my SWR50). I am definitely not a light user and my comments are supported by actual reviews sites like gsmarena. So if you are not happy with Z3, you wont be happy with anything else.

          • FromChinaWithLove

            Coming from Samsung( S3 ), I’m definitely happy with xperia z3, i got a s3 before i jump to Z1s. But whatever gsmarena said it is not really THE fact for everyone and every phone. Cause at the end it is all depends on how each user use it.
            My work hours isn’t long( I’m a 10 to 5 person). 100% to start the day off at 10am, abit of Facebook, gsmarena and some other sites browsing during the morning( with WiFi connection and no games at all), i can still manage to have 80% of battery life until lunch time( 1pm). But, if i play a little bit of game during that time, 70 – 60% is usual( during the hot day and without WiFi, on 4G, the difference is 10 to 15% ).
            I can easily get my phone down to 50% just from 10am to 1pm with gameplay during these few hrs on a hot day!

      • Bezels for the win !

        New models like Xperia X features Qnovo tech , and X already according to reviews have outstanding battery life better than in Z5c .

    • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

      Lol, what? It’s not like it’s gonna run on that brightness, or that people will run it at that brigthness in normal situations. They’ll have it at normal brightness. As for the rest of the display, it’s 1080p. Given that Sony has already given us battery time superior to any other by a long shot in phones like the Z2, Z3 and Z5 (not to mention the Compact series for 720p display phones), I don’t see how it would be any different this time.

      • Jack Skellington

        Oh please. Battery life far superior to others in those models?
        That’s the same as before 2016 when people went on endlessly about how slaving sony’s eis was and how it blew ois out of the water even every generation before that was complete bogus

    • Qba

      Don’t worry, its only marketing because Android support only 16.8 million colors.

      • kaostheory

        Doesn’t matter about the os and your icons. HDR is for videos and pictures where it will make a difference.

    • remyziro

      Dont need to wory about the battery juice becuze every xperia phone has a special mode called stamina mode the main reason why sony always claim 2 day battery life even the battery juice under 3000mah..actualy its missing in marshmallow software but sony promised to bring back the stamina mode in next marsmallow update tha could be very awsome….

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  • There’s already a 10″ display available? Pleeeease Sony built a Z6 tablet around it 🙂

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Before you come here commenting about AMOLED, notice that this panel has local dimming so the backlight is split into millions of pieces so that every single pixel’s backlight can be turned completely on or off to give 100% pure blacks like AMOLED. On top of this, there are quantum dot phosphors built into the individual pixel backlights which can replicate 100% ITR BTU.2020 colorspace which means more accurate and larger colorspace than AMOLED. This LCD can achieve 100% pure 0-nit blacks, every single pixel can be turned completely on/off, it can display more colors than AMOLED, and its 1300-nit brightness with WRGB subpixels will blow AMOLED out of the water. This is an extremely heavily crazily beefed up LCD to put a seriously tough fight against AMOLED. This is the first mega advancement in LCD ever and the biggest LCD advancement in smartphone history. That 4K resolution at 806 PPI too. Ready to kill AMOLED. Well done Sony and JDI.

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