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How to remote control media player or other applications on your device using Sony SmartBand



Sony SmartBand - Remote Control

Sony SmartBand - Remote Control

Wearable devices are the best remote controls as they extend the accessibility of the functions of your smartphone. Just like this Sony’s SmartBand does! It offers various set of notification alerts like messaging, calls, smart alarms, and event out-of-range alarm alerts. Even though it lacks a display, Sony has managed to get remote application control functionality smoothly running on its SmartBand. And if you have a Sony SmartBand, then, let us guide you on how you can utilize that function to control apps on your phone.

Here are the list of instruction to guide you about remote control functionality:

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that your SmartBand is connected to your Android smartphone. To know that you can simply check the status bar on your phone.
  • Open the Smart Connect app and go to SmartBand settings, there you will find an option called Applications, where you can select one application at a time to control via SmartBand.
  • Press the power button to trigger the wearable band functions.
  • Now tap one time right after pressing the power button. To Pause the media track, you need to tap once. To Play it again, you need to tap once again.
  • While to change media tracks, you need to tap twice on your wristband. And if you want to go back to the previous track, tap three times.
  • You can switch the application control from Media Player to other available applications like Action Camera, Smart Camera, Find Phone, OfficeSuite or even open and play games that support this application.

Sony SmartBand - Remote Control (1) Sony SmartBand - Remote Control (2)

  • Or you can deselect the Media player as the application controlled by your SmartBand, just press the power key or wait for 15 seconds without touching the SmartBand (to allow the application to be deselected automatically).

The remote control functionality on the Sony SmartBand might come handy as you will be able to control (open/close) game remotely when your child is playing on your phone. And that’s one use case scenario as it supports couple of applications.


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