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Sony SmartBand with Sony Core Tracking Device – Wearable Smart Wristband



2014 was predicted to be the year of wearable tech, and the brands are already proving it right. LG came up with the LG Lifeboat Touch, while Pebble Steel was the other launch at the CES 2014. Other companies didn’t want to stay away from all this, as we saw Sony too jumped into the wearable tech category, announcing the Sony SmartBand, a wristband which would have a Sony Core tracker device, keeping the log of your fitness and activity.

Sony SmartBand

The Sweatband doesn’t end its functionality to the tracking, but would let you take a control on the entertainment and track it along with a lot of other information. Now, how is this ahead of the other bands or trackers? It doesn’t count just the steps, but every movement of yours, even including a photo that you capture using the smartphone camera. Everything gets tracked with the Lifelog application which shows itself as a calendar that details everything in your everyday life.

  • What’s the main features of Sony SmartBand and Core?
  • Tracking your walking, running, cycling or travelling by train and along with that, tracking your sleep
  • Would show your daily goals and how much more you need to work out (e.g.,. cycling) to reach your daily goals
  • Weather notifications, to keep you safe from any future bad weather
  • Life Bookmark key on the SmartBand is something that would record the activity, status and everything at that particular time when you press it
  • Waterproof – wear it anytime and anywhere
  • Removable Sony Core which does the actual stuff, and the band with it is comfortable
  • Sony fastening buttons, LED lights
  • Notification vibration and the band vibrates even when there is an incoming call
  • Smartband can control music – play, pause and skip tracks
  • Battery can stay for up to five days

Sony SmartBand Colors

The actual brain is the core. Thus the idea of removing it and using only the wrist band whenever you need, is something cool again. The bands come in colors like Black, white or green, and these will be finished with the lined texture, and there are silver colored clasps on them.

Although Sony hasn’t made any announcement for the pricing right now, this for sure is going to be an attractive piece for this year’s wearable gadgets list. It has a design to show off, and the features to take advantage of.


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