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Sony Launches 10,000mAh Type-C Power bank, Hi-Speed Adapters & Cables in India



Sony is trying to keep with the growing market advancements with their smartphones. On the same lines, the company is also launching a couple of new accessories. To go with the trend, the company is going to launch a 10,000 mAh battery pack and a flash drive. So what’s new with this? There are a bunch of them in the market already right? Recently Elephone also announced to launch a new one. But this is where Sony is innovating and trying to make things better.

The Sony’s new power bank or the battery pack, however, you want you to refer it is a USB Type-C power bank. The battery pack holds the 10,000 mAh battery capacity. Not just that, but these packs are equipped with some neat security advancements such as the ability to automatically avoid overcharging, short circuit protection, abnormal temperature detection and other security designs as well.

Sony Power bank

Talking about the product itself, the battery pack modelled CP-SC10 comes equipped with two USB Type-C ports so that it can simultaneously charge two devices. The output is 6.0A here. It has a unique lithium polymer technology which actually enhance the quality of the charge up to 1000 times. The mentioned products are now available in India at a price of Rs 5,990 for the power bank that 2 USB output ports with maximum 6.0 outputs.

Sony Usb Type-c Products India

Apart from the power bank, there’s also an 1 Meter Cable launched at a price of Rs 799 followed with a power adapter at Rs 2,390. Both of these are also USB Type-C products. We have exclusively received this information from our source who has shared this information about the products that would soon be made official by the brand.

Chinese Launch: Now taking a look at the USB flash drive, this one is has a two-headed flash drive interface. This will allow users to switch between the interface on the go and use it with multiple devices. The one end of the interface is of the Type-A, and another end is of Type-C. It has the model number USM CA-1, and it will be offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities for about 700 Yuan, 1000 Yuan and 1600 Yuan respectively. Stay tuned for more info on the availability of the same in other countries.


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