Sony Could Offer 50% Refund to Few Xperia Owners After Losing Lawsuit in the U.S

by Teja Chedalla 7

Sony has lost the class action lawsuit over the wrong promotions of the waterproof feature on their Xperia devices in the U.S. Instead of waiting for the final judgment, the company will be settling outside the court by offering 50% refund to owners of the affected devices. A total of 24 Sony Xperia devices are included in the case that is now ruled against Sony by a federal court in New York. The plaintiffs claim Sony has misrepresented the below-listed devices as being waterproof even they are not designed for ordinary underwater use.

The plaintiffs also mentioned that “Sony exploited certain international water resistance ratings in order to launch a deceptive marketing campaign promoting the Devices.” If the settlement is approved, Sony will be offering 50% refund over the recommended retail price of the particular devices along with extended warranty for the affected devices. All the affected devices which are now covered under warranty will get additional one year of extended warranty and the devices out of the warranty period will be receiving six months of extended warranty.

However, the settlement will be limited only to the U.S citizens. More importantly, the users of mentioned Xperia devices should have already tried to get warranty service for their water affected devices. They also need to provide the proof for their interactions made with Sony to become eligible for the refund and extended warranty. If the eligible users are still not satisfied with the settlement, they can avoid the refund offered by Sony and can still fight in court.

All the U.S users with above mentioned Xperia devices have to file the claim by January 30th, 2018. The court will be hearing next time on this settlement on December 1st, 2017. While all the eligible Xperia users will receive a mail about this claim and those who didn’t receive anything from Sony can register manually through the dedicated website (


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