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Snapchat rebuilds its Android app for more smoother experience



Snapchat – the social multimedia messaging app was launched back in 2011. And, the app was primarily meant to iOS users initially and later was released for Android as well in 2012. However, the app for Android has persistently been buggy or mostly laggy for that matter.

Snapchat owned by Snap Inc has been trying to fix that buggy and slow performance for its Android app ever since with continuous timely updates. Several Android users have still found the app to be too buggy or slow irrespective of the timely rollout. The company’s developers had finally decided to rebuild the Snapchat app entirely from the beginning, and that is supposedly the only way to address the underlying problems of the Android Snapchat app.

The new rebuilt app of Snapchat for Android is claimed to deliver superior performance than before without any interface changes or tweaks. The whole purpose of the rebuild of the app is to make the Snapchat using experience more smoother with 20% speed improvement in opening time of the app when compared to older launching times.

The rebuilt Snapchat app is also focused all the Android Devices in the market irrespective of the high-end or low-end devices since the majority of the smartphones globally run on Android. It is said that the new version of the app would perform well not only on high-end Android devices but also the mid-tier and low-end phones as well.

The newest version of the Snapchat app with upcoming announced features would be hitting the Google Play Store sometime soon and later will be rolled out to iOS devices as well. The Snapchat has become more than just a photo or message sharing app over the past few years. The company had introduced Stories, which will be shared for only 24 hours, Stickers feature and new discover feature and later had also introduced virtual stickers as well AR experiences within the app as well, which had ultimately led Snapchat to become one of the favorite apps amongst social media with up to 187 million daily users globally, as of February 2018.



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