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Use your Smartphone as a Smart Key with August Smart Lock on your Door



The world has become very different over the past decades when we talk about the technology. Sometimes it feels weird sometimes it feels good. We can argue all we want about whether the Smart Technologies have changed the world for better or not, but the fact is that these technologies would keep coming, and new products would come into our lives whether we want them dearly or not.

August Smart Lock is one such product that we may not yet want, but it has arrived. Though, this one is trying to prove itself quite convenient in many cases. For instance, when you are worried about your weird ex-roommate who still have kept your keys and is coming at your place without even you knowing about it. Wouldn’t you want him to be kept away from your home? Well, if you do, then this new Smart Lock is for you.

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With August Smart Lock you can turn your smartphone into a smart key and create virtual keys, which can be given to visitors when you are at the office or out of town. This smart lock would help you keep away unwanted people from entering your house. It will replace the standard deadbolt on the interior side and would be your guard to your home.

You don’t have to go through the painful procedure of custom fitting the smart lock. The August Smart Lock is rather quite easy to install as your original door hardware remains the same and can be used when you want. It just adds an extra layer of security over the existing lock. You won’t be needing the key anymore if you are granted access (if other than the owner of the house) to enter the house using your smartphone.

All you need is an invite from the owner of the house to your account on the proprietary August Home app. Whether it is an electrician, out of town guests, friends or family, you can grant access to them through their smartphone. You will have all the control of the house; you can take away access from electrician once the work inside the house is done. Access can be for a day or couple of hours or even a month. You decide.

Moreover, conveniently and safely you can grant access at a particular time so that you can keep tabs on who is inside your home when you’re not. According to the company, the Smart Lock doesn’t grant access to people unless you don’t want them to. You will be the Keymaster (not the Keymaker – You’ll get this reference eventually).

You will be alerted on your smartphone via August Home app about when each visitor arrives, as well as when they leave. There is a unique key code for the lock that would precisely let you know who’s coming and going. It’s perfect lock when you don’t want to balance your grocery bags at the door.

Note that the smart lock isn’t connected to your wireless router or even the electrical service. It means you don’t have to worry about the power outage or surge. Rest assured your house would be secure.

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