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This Smartphone at Rs 156 ($2) is a Scam from RenowT, Do Not Buy



If you have been following the news lately, then you might already know that the whole Freedom 251 smartphone fiasco has ended now, as it turns out the company was a fraud. Speaking of Freedom 251, there is a new website which is selling a smartphone for as low as Rs. 156 which roughly translates to about $2 or so. And we are not talking about any new smartphone here since the website has listed the Ulefone U007 Pro Smartphone. This particular smartphone was announced by the company officially in the month of October last year, and it costs $75.

Now coming back to this alleged new website called RenowT (, they claim that they want to help make India Digital and hence they are offering the smartphone at that price. Well, it is not a bad thing, but there are certain things which you need to notice which proves that it is nothing but a scam.

Poorly Designed Website

First of all, when you visit the website, you will see a header which describes the offer. You can notice that there is a spelling mistake of Pre-Order that’s mentioned as Pre-Oder. This clearly shows that it is not a professional website & rather looks like some kid trying to make some easy money out of this.

No details about the brand

The so-called “RenowT” doesn’t even have an About section where there is some kind of info about the brand which is what usually readers and website visitors look out for, to know and understand what they are dealing with. So we don’t know exactly who is behind this website running it.

No proper Payment Method

The website claims that the smartphone is just Rs. 156 but on the other hand, there is no proper payment method also. The only payment option which we see is the option to pay by Pay U Money linked to a person’s account named “PRIYARANJAN PAUL.” And on top of all that, the website has listed the price as Rs. 156 in some places and Rs. 159 in other. So even if you somehow make up your mind to buy this, you don’t exactly know how much you are paying.

Overall to sum it up, the only suggestion we have for those who are reading this is to stay away from this website and this offer. Just like Freedom 251, you should totally avoid this and if someone has shared this website with you on WhatsApp or any other social media platform, kindly share this article, letting them know that this is nothing but a scam. We all know about the Freedom 251 and what it ended up being. Also, a small word of advice for all of you who are reading this is, never pre-pay to any website that promises an offer that does not look true. Be smart & first read reviews and then come down to a decision.

Note: We have contacted the company behind the smartphone i.e. Ulefone to get an update on this, asking if they have officially tied up with this brand or not. We are awaiting confirmation on the same from the brand and we will update once we have more details.


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