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Slightech launches MYNT World's Thinnest Location Tracker & Remote



Bluetooth Technology has come quite far in the industry; it has some tremendous applications in the smartphones. But we have seen accessories coming up with the sole purpose of using the technology and defining its connectivity and usage. Some of the examples are the Bluetooth trackers, these trackers can be attached to any devices as tags and thus help you locate phones, keys, bags, anything important to you. Just attached to the object and you can pinpoint location of your lost items.

Sure there are many trackers such as in the market right now, but MYNT is unique on its own way. See, the Bluetooth tracker developed by Slightech, a San Jose-based firm is claimed to be the thinnest location tracking device. So, thin and chameleon that it blends in with the product as its original part, thus it may deceive thieves when they try to stole your things attached with the MYNT.

MYNT (1)

Coming to the talk of the product, besides its super-thin design it has a button built right in the centre, which makes it a remote control for certain functions. That’s why you can use MYNT to control the music on your phone, snap photos or control a power point presentation. There are several applications of this button, but unfortunately, you can assign up to three functions at a time.

By pressing the button in different ways, it is done via the proprietary app on your smartphone, you can assign functions to single, double or triple press. You can make it your selfie button and snap photos from considerable distances. Or can find your car location as it gives direction back to your car.

Though, the main purpose of the MYNT is to keep your wallet, purse or keys at the check, whether you have misplaced them or its being on the verge getting misplace, you’ll be informed. If the object it is attached to goes far away from the smartphone it has been synced with, then you’ll surely hear a noisy alarm that should help in locating the object. Interesting part is that it works both ways; you can also find your smartphone if you’re Bluetooth tracker is with you. When you hold the tracks single button, the smartphone should start the noisier alarm.

The proprietary app is available for both, Android and iOS users, and it is easy to setup as quoted by the company. With just a 3.5mm thickness and length of 55mm, the Slightech developed Bluetooth tracker is one of the crowd-funded projects that has shown us a ray of light. It can fit into your wallet and company claims that the stainless steel construction is extremely durable. So, you don’t worry about breaking the tiny tracker.

MYNT (3)

The battery life on this thing is claimed to be last up to 1 year. Specifically, it houses a standard CR2020 battery. There is a smart reminder for notifying you about the battery status. Note that battery would need to be replaced after one year. Meanwhile, the company gives you one replacement battery, so you’ve got two years worth of battery life in the retail package itself. It supports the Bluetooth 4.0 standard having an extended range of 45 meters (150 feet).

Featured on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding platforms, where they’ve successful risen past the required goals. MYNT would come in four color variants including silver, black, gold and blue. They’re supposedly scratch-resistant, which is an added advantage to the stylish looks. Moreover, it is also IP43 rated, which means splash resistant.


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