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Sharp announces a crazy 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display with 808ppi pixel density



Sharp 4K display

There are not loads of options for 4K resolution televisions in the market. Even for those that are available, you see a hefty price tag attached to them. That is understandable, as the technology is not widely spread already, but we are already seeing 8K displays for televisions. Early look at the future, ain’t it? But isn’t it real bad when you see such advancements in display resolutions for smartphones? I’ve been critical about 2K (QHD) resolutions for smartphone displays, for many reasons. But Sharp, one of the display makers, has just announced a whooping 4K display, for smartphones!

Too early, I’d say. Or it is no need at all, to have a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) on a smartphone display. Too sharp, much more than what a naked eye can notice. What’s the need? but this question has been asked for several other things as well. An insane pixel density of 806ppi, is what we might be seeing in the near future, being boasted by the top smartphone manufacturers, when they themselves have it in mind that it won’t solve any actual purpose.

Sharp’s 4K display for phones isn’t a first though, if you remember Samsung hinting at the similar resolution for the next Note device. But this one is the first to be officially announced. The IGZO display is set for a mass production in 2016, so won’t be seeing it at least for a year.

HTC is one of the only companies to have not come up with a flagship having a 2K resolution till 2015 (LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S6 have a 2K display), and just like them, many other manufacturers and consumers would agree that the 2K displays were pointless, battery consuming and not good as not much content was available to view with that resolution.

Now, the only advantage we could see with the 4K resolution, is with Virtual reality, where extra sharp and amazing experience can be possible. But, only if you have a device that is able to deliver well with the battery. Whatever the case, the 4K display for a smartphone screen size is real, thus deal with it.

So, are we seeing the Galaxy S7, or the Sony Xperia Z5 or even the LG G5 with this ultra sharp, overkilling heavy displays in the near future? highly probable.


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