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Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone is the first one for Physically Challenged people



Sesame Phone

We’ve seen quite a few apps and smartphones for the blind, and they do come with a lot of restrictions, which is obvious, given the limited needs by the users. Most of them are modified versions of smartphones that are already available in the market, but that is still good if there are choices for those who are challenged with some health conditions.

There are many physically challenged people, and a company from Israel has attempted to make something specially for them – the Sesame smartphone with hands-free usage. This is something targeted towards patients of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular distrophy and disabilities that affects the arms and hands.

The improvement to UI is made by computer vision algorithm that intelligently works along with front-facing camera of the smartphone, to check the user’s head movement and that helps user take control of the cursor on the screen. In this case, Sesame is the LG Nexus 5. Cursor on the screen is something similar to a finger touch for any regular smartphone user. The phone will have the software layer from Sesame and will be able to work out-of-the-box.


The microphone of the device will take all the voice controls, and will turn the phone on/off with the voice commands. With the help of IoT technology, the Sesame phone is able to control smoke alarms, thermostats, lights, TVs, A/Cs, garage door, water heaters and such.

While there might be a lot of limitations, the Sesame touch-free smartphone will be able to give enough features to those with disabilities. The developer of this, Giora Livne, is physically challenged and is an electrical engineer who found potential in technology to help him and others who are challenged physically due to medical conditions that restrict movement of hands and fingers.

The device is $1000 a piece, and if you feel someone should get it, you could nominate them in the website, and about 30 units are going to be given for free.


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