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Sense 7 for HTC Phones based on Android Lollipop Leaks (Fake?)



HTC Sense 7 Screenshots

Remember the recent Android Lollipop Update plan for HTC devices? The Lollipop OS itself was just recently made official, after the Android L name being used for long.

Well, a couple of alleged Sense 7 screenshots have surfaced showing off some awesome colour palette and welcoming material design changes. HTC is currently developing Sense 7 UI with Material Design on the latest Lollipop Developer Preview. Sense 7 is of course still under development.

Although it’s a bit weird of HTC to launch a new version of Sense UI with Android 5.0 (I was personally expecting Sense 6.5 or so), this might be a real early build of Sense 7, which would debut alongside the next flagship. Or are we looking something expertly edited to show something fake as real? Let’s get into the details from what we see in the screenshots.

Take it with a grain of salt, not all that glitters is gold and upon close inspection, you can notice certain differences between the two screenshots.
It won’t be very apparent but look at the bars on top:
1) The Battery History Screenshot has a darker colour tone.
2) The signal, wifi and time on notification bar are differently spaced in both screenshots.

It’s a nice touch that the navigation buttons also change colour with the current app’s colour scheme. The font in the screenshot doesn’t look like HTC is following the Roboto anymore. So far it looks good, only time will tell what’s cooking at HTC HQ.

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