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Send Your Stories, ideas to President Obama through Facebook Messenger Bot



If you were not using Facebook Messenger for some reason and if you were planning to start using it, then probably now is the time. You can now directly send your concerns, ideas etc. to White House, and it will be conveyed to President Obama. Well, is there a better reason to start using Messenger?

The White House published a blog post this Wednesday saying that POTUS will add Facebook messages to the pile of physical and digital mail. If you are not aware that POTUS actually reads ten letters from U.S citizens every day. So the chances are your messages through Facebook Messenger will mostly be taken into consideration.

Facebook chat

So, how this will work is, you just have to send your message to the new White House messaging bot. It will ask certain details and once given, your message will be successfully registered, and that’s it. The post says, “Our goal is to meet people where they are.” Also note that Obama’s Twitter account is also there, and even the First Lady has an account on Snapchat. And now Facebook messenger will be added to the list of digital mediums.

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This definitely might feel like a gimmick as there is a bot which talks to you. There are other ways to reach out to the President like Email etc. But this is a step in the right direction for the future which opens up countless opportunities. The bot will send preset messages, and that proves that messaging bots are still a work in progress. So if you can bear with those messages, then you can add the White House account and send in your messages now. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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