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Sence Wearable Band accurately tracks Emotional States & Productivity



We have a ton of smartwatches and fitness bands in the market right now which can effectively track your body movements and give you a detailed info what exactly are you doing. For the most part, the fitness bands available in the market are capable of showing the heart rate data or in some cases will give tips and how to effectively manage your lifestyle, etc. But when you talk about a band which works seamlessly and helps you understand your body properly, is not available yet. And this where a new smart band called sence comes in.

Sence Band is a wearable device that sits on your wrist and actively tracks some data and provides you with the info. Now the only difference is, this info are not about your heart rate activity or anything like that. We are talking about human emotions and bodily reactions here. Yes, the sensing band is capable of sensing your emotions, and it will also tell you the origin of all of the emotions such as happiness, sadness, and stress. It is the first wearable technology capable of accurately tracking and logging emotional states so you can take action. Every emotion causes your heart to beat in a slightly different way, and sence tracks everything that is going on here.

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With every reaction, your heart beats differently, and these tiny changes in the heart rates are untraceable with traditional bands. Sence uses revolutionary technology that allows it to track these differences using ECG (aka EKG) signals. ECG analysis is 250 times more precise than existing fitness trackers and smart watches. According to Gizmo Report, this is the first band that tracks your emotional states and giving your information around stress and vitality. Mush for professionals who are always stressed with targets. Read more about Sence.

Sence’s precision and accuracy have the functionality to extract some of your body’s most valuable information. You can use this to find out some of the info about your body which you might otherwise not be able to find out. Now many of you might argue stating that this is not going to be of much use and we actually don’t need this info. Yes, you may or may not require this info every time, but when you do need, it definitely comes in handy to have it ready. And the another interesting thing which you could be doing is, buying this to your loved ones or friends.

Imagine your friends or someone who you care about is under a lot of stress and he/she may or not be sharing it. But if you have added that particular individual in your circle within the SenceHub app, to thethen you will be able to know everything about them with detailed info on how that person feels at any given point in time. Well, actor the company it has a battery life of upto 48 hours but this is something that we need to test out before commenting on the same. You can check the source link below to know more about this in detail and stay tuned for more info on this.


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