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Scosche Launched Rhythm+ Arm Band that Monitors your Heart Rate – Details



Scosche Rythm+ HRM

Nowadays the chest strap heart rate monitors are beginning to look dated and considering they are uncomfortable to use during workouts or training sessions. Whereas the wrist-worn devices are the future wave, to go with that wind, the consumer tech company Scosche has raised the subject with it new product, Rythm+.

The device straps onto your arm and reads the heart rate on your skin through an optical sensor on the back. It is equipped to support the Bluetooth, and ANT+ enabled devices. It being a little sleeker than its predecessor easily allows you to feel comfortable while working. It works with almost all popular herat rate monitoring apps on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Scosche Rythm+ consists two parts, first is the heart rate monitor itself, a small plastic square with a soft, rubbery top and heart rate sensor on the back. Second being the strap, a soft piece of hook-and-latch fabric, which may attract dust too. It is designed to be worn high on the forearm, which may feel awkward to some users. But then, only it can be ensured that the heart rate being monitored is up to the correct scale.

Scosche Rythm+ HRM

It comes with a USB cradle for charging the device, meaning the microUSB is not present on the device. Company touts it as it never loses the connection between the device and app, meaning the data will be more accurate when compared to the other traditional HRMs (Heart Rate Monitors). Though, it lacks in giving the real-time heart rate readings, meaning you cannot exercise without your smartphone. But that shouldn’t be a big issue as it supports the range up to 10 ft. Meaning, your smartphone we will be in sync with the Rythm+, as long the smartphone and device are running. Isn’t it great!

According to company the device can run as much as up to 8 hours on a full charge, so that you can work-out continuously. Moreover, it is IP67 rated, i.e. waterproof and sweatproof, so that you don’t worry about it being damaged due to water or sweat.

If you are in the market for new HRM, then Scosche Rythm+ is a solid piece of equipment that you don’t have to wear, on the chest. Moreover, the device is reasonably priced at $79, lesser than its competition like Basis Carbon or Withings Pulse O2.

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