Samsung Z1 Tizen Smartphone Launched in India for Rs. 5700, Available from Jan 14th

by Chetan Bhawani 12

Samsung Z1

Samsung has officially launched the Samsung Z1 smartphone with the Tizen OS, for a price of Rs. 5700 in India. As leaked earlier, it comes with a 4-inch WVGA screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 768MB of RAM, a 1500mAh battery, 3.1-megapixel camera, and 4GB of internal storage with MicroSD card slot for expansion. It also supports 3G connectivity.

Samsung calls the interface of Z1 as a “lightweight Tizen platform” and claims that the device will have a fast boot time, web performance and a good battery efficiency as well. How real is this, we’ll get to know only after our review.

Samsung is officially coming up with the Tizen OS based Samsung Z1 smartphone in January, with the smartphone having all the entry level specs, and Samsung is indeed going to bring this with a pricing comparable to the Moto E and Xiaomi Redmi 1s.

Samsung has been using Android OS since years, and now, this step can be its start to shy away from the Android ecosystem. A few pictures from a retailer in India seemed to have shown all the specifications of the device. The Samsung Z1 is said to be coming with 4-inch WVGA display, Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor with 768MB RAM and 4GB internal storage with MicroSD card slot for storage expansion. The rear 3-megapixel fixed focus rear camera will be able to record only VGA videos, and there is a VGA front facing camera as well.

The Dual SIM Z1 is said to have Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and GPS, and Samsung’s own Tizen Store is where you will see applications available for download. The expected pricing of the Z1 is Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000.

Img. Credit: Manish Khatri

Earlier: Samsung Z1 Tizen-based Smartphone to launch in India on December 10th
Samsung’s plans on its own smartphone OS (Tizen) is finally seeing some light in India, with a smartphone dubbed “Z1” to see an official entry into the Indian market this month, during a press conference on 10th December. The price of the smartphone is reportedly going to be in the sub-$100 range, i.e. under the price of Rs. 6000, and this should be an interesting one against the Android One series.

Samsung has been only dependent on the Android platform in the past half decade, except for a handful number of devices with Windows Phone OS, and now the company is looking to reduce the dependency, thus is the trial with their own Tizen OS.

As is the pricing, the specs too are expected to be entry-level, as the Samsung Z1 is said to be featuring a Snapdragon quad-core chipset clocking at 1.2 GHz, and a 4-inch display with WVGA resolution. 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage along with a MicroSD card slot is going to be packed internally, and the smartphone will have a 3.2-megapixel rear camera.

This is not the first device attempted with Tizen by Samsung, as it was the Samsung Z back in July, which was announced but then was removed before the official launch, as the company was looking to make changes and enhance the Tizen OS ecosystem further.

The smartphone is said to be coming with Dual SIM connectivity, and FM Radio as well. Though there is no phone available with Tizen OS, Samsung’s smartwatch already has the OS running in it. It will be interesting to see how the Tizen OS fares against the big lot of smartphones with Android OS, available in the budget range now.

Img Credits: Engadget

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  • I like the use of Tizen in Galaxy Gear but I don’t think I want to make a jump from Android. I’m really used to it and comfortable and with it and since the phone market s so wide and versatile. I dont have to. Im sure their will always be a Tizen and Android phone out and one wont consume the other so its great that there is a variety of options to choose from. Im excited for how Tizen will perform and want to try this phone out for myself!

  • Shanky Yadav

    Well finally people of india is goibg to taste something different from samsung after touch wiz and eagrly and hapily waiting for the for this Z1 which is going to be a new series with new UI .. Only 8 days more to be launched . the best part is that somewhere i listened that its much faster than their android version..and the price looks warm to so we can take a change…

  • Android

    Wow i cant belive Tizen is going to be launched in India. Tizen is a great thought but competing against Android is just not the best risk to take. Launching it in India is a great choice but they must keep one thing in mind. For them to make this launch successful they must keep prices low for this phone because the indian market is very competitive and launching a tizen phone that is expensive wont leave you with a lot of sales. I am afraid this will turn out to be like the Android one program but hopefully Tizen breaks that wall and pushes their way into the indian market. I wish i cant try this phone out myself and people in India get reeady for a new operating system!!!

  • Shashank Chourey

    I could vaguely recall that Samsung used Tizen in their smartwatches and other wearables.. tbh that’s only I know about Tizen powered devices. So, it’s going to be a tough task ahead for Samsung. I hope it doesn’t turn out to a be failure for Samsung like Bada. Although, the low end segment of smartphone market in India has been showing a positive growth, the Z1 will be competing directly with Google’s Android One smartphone. So, tough task ahead.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    It is not much familiar OS to me yet as I never used the galaxy smartwatch but after hearing some whiz about this new os Tizen I too much excited to see it practically.. adding this I also hope to see this device as a strong alternative of those crap android one devices, honestly I don’t like those devices. By the way it would be really interesting to get the coverage of Z1 launch at Phoneradar. 🙂

  • Jugal Mudoi

    I was waiting to see its launching coverage but it’s okay will have to wait till January. It remarkably looking like a interesting os for for me and for those who tired of using Android os and I’m sure it’ll create huge sell into the budget phone friendly Indian market. But I think the price could have been at the lower side. However I’m super excited to see it the real world use, of this brand new os and its overall efficiency.:)

    • Yeah its getting up to be a great OS. It just needs a different wallpaper than that frees scree so it can look more legitimate. Also Tizrn makers won’t have to worry now but I feel that in the future they are going to have go find a way to get this on a mid level phone and then try their luck on F L A G S H I P. yeah those are some very bold aspirations but they can’t just bank on the budget market IMHO

      • Jugal Mudoi

        I too much excited to see Tizen on the mid range and high end phones but it would not be a wise idea to think that at this time when Android is sitting continually at the pick amongst all OS and there are several other os have been gone ruin now and then. But I’m sure Tizen gets to taking quite a while to developing itself on wearable devices and it needs sometime to become a great os and even to give straight competition to Android. I hope it soon to create an evolution into the budget phone market and here budget market means to purposely to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Also we are now seeing these days all brands want to focus the huge Indian market.

  • im only wondering if samsung will look torwards Tizen more in the future or if they will continue to focus on what is good now. Nonetheless im excited for Tizen because the aesthetics have a crisp feel to it that im certainly a fan of. The release gets nearer and I know this will be a big focus for the Phoneradar team and they will provide great articles for the Z1 so we may know how good of a phone it is!

  • Shanky Yadav

    Well Samsung its now a time to grab low end budget customers too with this you are providing a good deal and I hope its not that much laggy a touchwiz in your other budget smartphone . The Verizon must named different because its not catching the first eye impressions. By name some of the devices are compared but its low level so I think you go on.

  • definitely, there needs to be a phone for all hands and since the middle classes and lower classes are greater than the upper class anywhere in the world, a budget OS will reach more hands and is the bigger priority.

  • looking at them now they are really quaint devies and they would look really nice with Tizen OS i really like the rd color!