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Samsung to Offer Compensation for the Factory Workers Diagnosed with Cancer



Samsung has been under a grind for the not creating a safe working environment at its computer chip and display factories for its workers. Well, weeks after the company and group representing ailing, the workers of the company have agreed to accept compensation terms suggested by a mediator. The campaigners have been pressuring the company over the illnesses since 2007, which is manifested over the last few decades. The South Korean Giant has now apologized for the sickness and deaths of its workers and also said it would be compensating them over the same.

The President of Samsung’s device solution division – Kinam Kim has said that the company has failed to “sufficiently manage health threats” at ties semiconductor and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) manufacturing lines. The employees have experienced many illnesses which includes many forms of cancer, miscarriages, multiple sclerosis, Brain Tumours, Leukaemia and also included conditions affecting the children of the factory workers.

Kim Kinam has also quoted that “ We sincerely apologize the workers who suffered from the illness and their families” and this apology was a part of a settlement deal which was carried out earlier this month and the affected people will be gearing up to 150 million Won ($1,33,000) per case. The factories that were questioned are mostly from South Korea and even after the settlement, the company has reportedly still dint provide much of transparency on the chemicals used which have caused the illness.

Furthermore, Mr. Hwang Sang-gi said that “No apology is enough for the families of the victims but we will accept it. All this started in the year 2007 when the taxi driver Hwang Sang-gi recused to accept the settlement after his 23-year-old daughter suffered leukemia after working at Samsung factory and died. He also said that, over the past 11 years, the pain of suffering from occupational diseases the pain of losing loved ones.

The compensation will be given to the employees who have worked at its chip and LCD factories since 1984 and also includes coverage for the congenital illness of the worker’s children and also on miscarriages. What is your opinion on this? Will the compensation will be enough? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and updates.


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