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Samsung Tizen OS Smartphones to sell in Russia & India Soon



Samsung Tizen

Samsung Electronics Co., the smartphone manufactuer from South Korea which has been one of the leading companies in the Android smartphone market, is in works to launch its first Tizen OS powered smartphone very soon. The smartphone company is planning an event in Moscow in the coming weeks, to introduce the first ever Tizen based smartphone, although it won’t be the first gadget based on this open-source OS, because Samsung came up with the second gen. Samsung Gear wearable devices which were powered by the Tizen OS.

Once the launch in Russia is done, Samsung will be launching the same in India and thus it is clear that they aren’t looking to put a foot in the US and European market so soon. Earlier, NTT Docomo canceled the plans to launch a Tizen smartphone, saying that the timing wasn’t right. Similar was the case with the Orange network in France, thus Samsung is looking to go for a proper release in the Russian and Indian market, before it looks to make this internationally available.

Img Credits: Engadget

Tizen is a name many haven’t heard of, so the early path won’t be easy for Samsung after the amazing response and success with the Galaxy range which was all powered by Android, but Samsung has its plans of launching the smartphones with its own OS. This could be an attempt from Samsung in restricting the usage of apps such as Google Now, Youtube, Gmail and the Google Play services just like Apple does in the iOS, and if the response picks up even in a slow pace, they won’t mind it.

Samsung isn’t going to set the pricing of its Tizen-based devices high, because there won’t be any restrictions and these smartphones would come with everything including the OS packed into the device from Samsung’s own house. From what we learn, the TouchWiz UI should be something you would be getting in the Tizen OS. And at the same time, Samsung isn’t going to move away from the Android smartphone market that easily, because it still holds the supreme position on the top because of the same big list of Galaxy devices which sell in huge numbers all around the world.

While Samsung might have their own reasons for bringing these devices early in Russia and India, we feel the reason for that is – the market here doesn’t look for the inclusions, OS but more at the brand value when it comes to low-end devices, thus Samsung is the most trustworthy name when it comes to the low-cost devices in these markets.

Let’s see where this is headed and whether Samsung is really coming up with these Tizen OS based smartphones anytime soon in the market.

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