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Samsung to source smartphone batteries from LG Chemicals next year



The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung had a hard time this year with the launch of it’s Galaxy Phablet the Note 7. The smartphone was indeed quite exceptional with all its features and functions, but sadly not many people got an opportunity to use and have the experience due to the whole explosion fiasco. Soon after the launch, the Note 7s across the globe started exploding out of the blue causing the company to recall all of them and in return incur a loss which was counted in billion of dollars. And now according to the new reports, it looks like the company is planning to source the smartphone batteries from LG Chemicals next year.

Recently we had reported that Samsung found out the reason for all its Note 7 explosions but are not ready to release that information to public yet. And now according to the source, Samsung is paying LG a visit to talk about sourcing smartphone batteries from them for the future. While this information is not confirmed at all from either of the companies involved, the source says that there is a strong chance that LG will start supplying smartphone batteries to Samsung by the second half of 2017. The same has been confirmed by another party apparently who is close to the talks. And it looks like there is 90-percent chance on this.

Samsung in talks with the rival company LG is nothing new since the company is already sourcing the LCD displays for its televisions now after Sharp stopped producing them. And besides that, it is indeed a good decision to get the batteries from LG now that the Note 7 has turned out to be a disaster. But the only that needs to be addressed that for which upcoming smartphone is Samsung going to get the batteries for. And talking about the upcoming phone launches from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 is the only name which comes to the mind. However since the smartphone is dated to be launching on 26th February, we doubt if the Galaxy S8 will use these batteries from LG.

Considering the fact that we are only about two months away from the launch, it is practically impossible to get the batteries from LG, test them and use them in the S8 smartphone. So the next launch which we think could use the LG produced batteries would be the Note 8 smartphone i.e. if the company decides to continue the Note series as it was previously reported that they are planning to end the line. However, do make a note that none of this is confirmed as of now. Hence we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same.


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