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Samsung skipping Note 6 to launch Dual Curved Edge Note 7 Smartphone



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Every year at the International IFA event that is held in Berlin, Samsung launches a new phablet under their Note series. This comes with a large display, powerful hardware & a stylus that helps anyone make notes, scribble text directly onto the screen later saved to the S-Note application. Last year they had launched the Note 5, that did sell a lot not just because it was a new phablet but because of the optimized TouchWiz, upped hardware & a better S-pen. This year the brand had launched the Galaxy S7 & the S7 Edge that have been one of the most successful products launched by the brand. We had already seen reports of Samsung selling more phones than apple with the shipments doubled this year for the Q1, clearly hinting that the direction Samsung is moving is helping the brand grow.

About the new Note 7 that Samsung could launch this year, there are reports that they would be skipping the Note 6 to avoid any confusions that a customer gets. This is a very valid point because the brand spends millions of dollars in marketing & branding their products line where the consumers remember the name of the model if a parallel lineup has a different number it could confuse them. The Galaxy S7 is branded so well that the buzz has also reached the masses & if the Note 6 is launched, a good percentage of users will confuse it with the last years phone because of the numbering. Samsung had originally launched the first Galaxy S Smartphone in March 2010, that was a successful product in those times, following which a year later they had introduced the first Galaxy Note in October 2011.

This is the first time Samsung Electronics is jumping the number though from 2010 it has been consistently moving from 1 to 7. We have already seen brands jumping to different series altogether when launching a new product because the earlier line up was failing, that can be seen with the brand Sony. They have had the Z series from the last few years, that has recently been moved to X Series Smartphones (Xperia X Premium) while Motorola is doing the exact opposite. They are now going to launch a brand new Z Series of Smartphones in the coming weeks, even though the Moto X series has had success.

Moving back to the Note, if they name the new product as Note 6, consumers would feel they have an outdated phone while their friends would have the latest phone when referred to the S7 or the edge. Apart from this, the brand had also introduced the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 that came with a curved display on the side; that could be used to access a few shortcuts & display widgets. It was a new technology at that moment; that didn’t get a lot of interest but when Samsung had launched the S6 Edge last year they had tasted a lot of success & interest from the consumers. This year the brand is expected to launch the Note 7 with a Dual Curved display that could help the users get access to a lot more software enhancements because there’s nothing much we can expect on the hardware front. It is all the software features & the applications that matter when it comes to the Note Series because these apps should be able to help people create more content in different creative ways.

I had yesterday tweeted specifically about this topic & did hear from many people that this change is actually good & it eradicates any confusions with the numbering in the products. This would also be in the same lines with the Apple iPhone 7 that’s expected to launch in the next month during the WWDC event.

We are more interested in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X, that may come with a bendable display offering users an option to easily expand their display. Again this is just a prototype doing rounds on the Internet & the product is still a year away. If this happens, this could be the real game changer because we have not seen any technology like this & it could practically help users


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