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Samsung Secure Folder is now officially available for Galaxy S7/S7 edge smartphones



Samsung introduced the new wSecure Folder app with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back when it was launched last year. At the time of the announcement, the company had promised that the app would be made available for other smartphones as well. And here we after a couple of months, the secure folder app is now officially available for the S7/S7 Edge smartphones. Although it is considerably late, it is good to see the company keeping its word and bringing the app to other devices.

Samsung’s secure folder is an app which provides an encrypted space within your device for storing your personal and sensitive files like pictures, documents, etc. The app locks all your data with the help of Samsun’s Knox security and users will have to enter a passcode or use the biometric info to enter and access the secured data. Apart from that, the secure folder will also allow you to use separately with apps which usually allows only one account per device. Although most people won’t bother using this particular feature, it is nice to have it.

The secure folder also allows other features like cloud-based backup and restore. This feature will allow users to easily migrate the data inside the folder to easily to another device. Since the is inside the secure folder, the created backup of the data here is isolated from the regular backup which you create within the device. Due to this, the backed up data from the secure folder can only be restored from the settings menu separately. Up until now, the secure folder was only available on Galaxy Note 7. And now finally users who own the Galaxy S7/S7 edge will also be able to use this and take advantage of all these features.

However, your Galaxy S7/ S7 edge needs to be on Android 7.0 Nougat in order to run this. So if you have already received the update on your device, then you can quickly download the Secure folder app from Galaxy Apps right now. On the other hand, Samsung has also stated that the app will eventually make it’s to more Samsung devices as well, which means that most of the Samsung smartphone even on older Android version should be getting this future. Let us know what do you think about this decision of bringing the feature to other Samsung devices as well. And be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such info like this.


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