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Samsung Rumored to Launch its First Foldable Smartphone in 2017



After years of testing of the foldable displays, few manufacturers have showcased concept devices featuring those displays in 2016. Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG are few manufacturers who are testing out this displays, and the recent report suggests Samsung to launch not one but two foldable smartphones. From the last few months, there are rumors hinting about the same. The recently launched Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is mentioned to feature the flexible OLED panel, but that comes in a fixed position with the dual curved glass on top. Now the upcoming Samsung smartphones will sport the displays with flexible nature.

Though the company is said to be working on two devices, one of those devices is said to sport a foldable display which sports two different panels that will be connected with a hinge in the middle. For example, it can be used as a tablet and can be later folded into half to make it work like a smartphone. Unlike the flexible device, this foldable device doesn’t require a completely flexible display. On the other hand, the flexible smartphone need to come with a display and body with flexible nature. The company might use the OLED panel for this device.

The report also suggests the foldable device to be launched first in the market to know the response from the consumers. Samsung is expected to launch the second flexible smartphone only after the getting the expected results from its first device. Though there is no information regarding the exact timeframe for the launch of these devices, the foldable smartphone will be launched by the end of 2017. And the flexible smartphone with OLED display will be only launched in 2018. At the Lenovo Tech World event in June, the company showcased the similar prototype products called Folio and CPlus.

The Folio is a completely bendable smartphone that can be wrapped around our wrist. It comes with large bezels on the top and bottom of the device which features the battery and processor that aren’t bendable. On the other hand, the CPlus is a foldable tablet, that can also be used as a smartphone. At that time, the devices are not fully functional, and even the hardware is damaged while bending. Along with Samsung’s foldable smartphones, we might also see these Lenovo devices to be commercially available at least in 2017.

Even LG also came with large paper thin displays that can be rolled just like a newspaper. With the developments in the flexible device, we expect to see more usability with the single device. With the flexible nature, the company’s might come with even better designs unlike the regular bar-shaped smartphone as we see in our daily life. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details.


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