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Samsung to Remotely Deactivate all the Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones forcing users to return them



Even after so many issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, many users are still using the device. The company issued a recall for all the millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones which they sold over a month. This step was taken after multiple reports of the explosion across the globe which potentially posed a threat to the public. But after all these days, many users are still not returning their devices back for some reason.

Apparently, Samsung has decided to put an end to this and has decided to remotely deactivate all the recalled devices. So this will pretty much render the device useless after it is deactivated by the end of September. Hence, if you are one of the users who are still using a faulty Galaxy Note 7, then it is just about the time that you get rid of it. And besides, the company also have an exchange program under which you can get a Galaxy J series smartphone untill your replacement unit shows up.

We hope all the users take this seriously and exchange their devices soon. Well, we don’t blame the users for this anyway. There are over a million of them who purchased the device when it was launched back in August. So definitely this is going to take some time untill all the devices are back. Samsung will be replacing these recalled devices with the new ones which doesn’t have the faulty battriers from Samsung SDI.

Also, do make a note that the recall prcedure is different for various countiers. In India, the company is offering free Gear VR for the people who pre-ordered the device along with a 3,300 INR worth Oculus store gift card. Alternatively, under the exchange program, people can alos replace the Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 Edge with a refund for all the extra accessories of the Note 7. So, Samsung is doing their best to ensure this process is smoothly executed.


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