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Samsung Recalls 21,953 Defective Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones in Canada, Offers Exchange Program



The second half of this year is not proving to be good at all since the Galaxy Note 7 owners have experienced an explosion of the battery pack all over the world where the sale for the new phablet has been started. After official recalling the devices around the various regions, the company has officially partnered up with Health Canada, which is the official government agency responsible for consumer safety.

Up until now considerably a big number of devices have been exploded as reported. Many cases reported was during charging the phones while some even exploded during use in hand. The Note 7 proved to burn down an owner’s Car in Australia, as well as hurt a 6-years old boy in Brooklyn.

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The Canadian website of Samsung has issued a statement where the company notifies that the Note 7 phones sold between August 19, 2016, through to September 1, 2016, has been recalled. The company is actively working with Health Canada, carriers and retails partners in the country to take devices from the consumer’s hands.

The brand is explicitly asking Note 7 users in the country to power down their devices and exchange them through Canadian Product Exchange. They have identified the affected inventory and stopped sales and shipments of those particular devices. New devices would be issued once you register in the exchange program.


If you reside in Canada and haven’t registered for the Note 7 exchange, then you can head over to this URL to initiate your Note 7 phone exchange. The South Korean giant is also running a helpline at 1-800-517-3507 where owners can ask any queries regarding the exchange program for their Note 7.

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According to the health Canada website, there are three models listed identified as hazardous while charging or during other use case scenarios. It is also noted that the agency has received only one report of a phone battery overheating, where no injuries happened. While in the United States alone, there are 70 reported cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion.

Estimated 21,953 of the recalled smartphones were sold in Canada. It is also noted that those devices are manufactured in China by Samsung Electronics Huizhou Co. Ltd.


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