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Samsung in more Mess with their Washing Machine Exploding after Note 7 Blasts



With the Note 7 issues still being unresolved, it looks like the focus will shift towards something new here. And you might want to hear this out as we are talking something bigger than the Note 7. It’s the Samsung Washing machine. And no, there were no Note 7 inside that. So what is the reason behind this mishap? Well, we are not sure about the reason for the same, but it is reported that many users will be under the risk of getting their washing machine exploded.

There are numerous reports which claim that the washers manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016 are prone to explosion. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung itself are currently working on this and are trying to find out what’s the issue here. To this, Samsung has also released an official statement where it requests the owners of potentially affected machines use them only on the delicate setting when washing anything bulky, water-resistant, or prone to retaining water.

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And as far as the explosion is concerned, it is as deadly as the other Note 7 explosions were as it literally throws the wires, nuts and the entire top of the machine across the room. According to the analysis, it is suggested that the retaining rod which is meant to support the rotating tub can slip out of place and cause this. So this is something new now and definitely unheard of before. And as of now over 21 people have filed reports with the company concerning their washers since last year.

Samsung warning suggests checking the serial number of the machine and confirm whether or not it is affected. However a complete of devices under inspection is yet to be out by the company as of now. And numerous reports are now popping up about the flaw from 2015 Samsung machines as well. So on the same lines of the Note 7 smartphone, now the home appliance division is also facing some similar issues, which only goes to say that the company is not really doing well. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Note – The featured image is not actually the exploded machine, but it is from a previous incident to show how bad things can get.


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