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Samsung may debut a Google Now competitor with the Galaxy S8 called ‘Samsung Hello’



The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone looks like it is going to be the Samsung’s best attempt at making a smartphone. We have been hearing a lot about the Galaxy S8 lately, and it looks like we will see a lot of new features down the line. Talking about the new features, we already know that the company is coming up its own AI called Bixby. On the same lines, we now have new reports, according to which it looks like Samsung is also planning to launch a new app to with it.

According to the source, Samsung has now filed a trademark in Europe for Samsung Hello. While no other specific info about the same is not immediately available to us, however, it is expected that it could be a new software application to work along with it’s upcoming new AI. Taking a look at the filing, it describes Samsung Hello as a piece of software that enables users to access, aggregate, organize and interact with different things like content, information and images and topics of general interest to them.

On top of that, it is also mentioned that Samsung Hello is an application, that will give personalized features and information based on the user’s preferences on music, whether, sports, etc. Does that ring any bell? Yes, it certainly sounds like Google’s Feed which we all commonly refer to as Google Now. While Google Now is still working flawlessly, Samsung trying to replace it their custom service doesn’t make much of sense since people would still prefer to go with the existing app rather than going for a new one.

Having said that, if Samsung manages to polish and make Bixby better than Google Assistant, then definitely it will be something worth checking out. The icing on the cake would be Bixby working with this new Samsung Hello software. If Samsung manages to make them work together to make our lives easier, then we surely have a winner here. With that said, all these ae just initial set of speculations and we don’t really have any firm confirmation on this. Hence we suggest you stay patient until we have more on this. If you wish to know more on this, then stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on the same.


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