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Samsung to Launch Galaxy S8 Mini 5.3″ Smartphone at $399 in Competitive Markets



Samsung has finally launched its flagships for 2017, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus yesterday at the Unpacked event in New York. We pretty much knew everything about them, thanks to all the leaks and the rumors. However, it is finally good to see the final device in all its glory. As of now, we have no word on its official launch here in India, but we do have some interesting news for people who are interested in grabbing a smaller version of the Galaxy S8. According to a Samsung Insider, the R&D team is working on another model that is going to be available a few weeks after the S8, S8+ availability.

Yes, Samsung is planning on launching a smaller a.k.a Mini version of the Galaxy S8 smartphone very soon. Although the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus are great devices, it might be quite big for an average user and reaching all the four corners of the display with one hand can be a cumbersome task. Hence the company will be taking care of these people and will be launching a mini version of the Galaxy S8 and will be calling it the Galaxy S8 Mini. And yes, the price will be reduced, making it a suitable pick in competitive markets. Especially when most of the Smartphones on the premium segment are priced around $500 these days, it is time Samsung needs to jump into this price bracket.

Talking about the specs of this Mini version, it will have the exact same internals from the Galaxy S8 with just a couple of differences to obviously manage the space within a smaller body. It should be running on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and should have the same 4GB of RAM. Even the camera optics will remain the same on both the front, as well as the back. We will be seeing a change in the Display, Battery and the overall size of the smartphone.

Since it is a mini version, Samsung is fitting it with a 5.3″ display which should be perfectly fine to handle with one hand. The battery capacity will also be reduced a little since the overall size of the phone will be smaller in comparison to regular variants. Now finally talking about the pricing, we don’t have any info regarding the cost but since it is a “Mini” version, it won’t cost you as much as the regular and the Plus size variants will. The S8 retails around $800 in the US & UK and hence at a 50% price point, this might be a good deal.

It is expected that Samsung might launch this after S8 launch in the competitive markets like China, India, Thailand & Korea. With that said, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Would you be interested in buying a mini version of the Galaxy S8 for the convenience of a smaller display and a comparatively cheaper price? Be sure to let us know by commenting down below and also stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this tomorrow.

PS: This story was a prank for April 1st 2017. Sorry!


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