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Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 with 5.1″ and S8 Edge 5.5″ Dual edge screens



Samsung had a great start to the year with the launch of the Galaxy S7 devices. Both the devices were extremely great and turned out to be one of the best smartphones this year. After that launched a variety of different devices as usual in mid-range and low-range. And the company ended up launching the Galaxy Note 7 phablet last month. Well, the Note 7 is again a very good in terms of specs and everything. But unfortunately, it came with a battery issue, because of which the company had to recall all the devices back. So you can say they didn’t end the year on a positive ‘Note’.

But now let’s move to better things now right? Yes, that’s exactly what Samsung would be focusing on from now. So when you talk about the smartphones coming up next year, Galaxy S8 series is on top of the list. We have already started seeing a lot of different rumours about the device. On the same lines adding on those rumours, we now have some new info about the device. According to new reports that we have, Samsung is going all curved for the next iteration of the Galaxy smartphones. Apparently, the company already started producing the curved panel of two different sizes i.e. 5.5-inch and regular 5.1-inch.

So we will again see two variants, but they both will have curved displays. This was very much expected as the recently launched Note 7 phablet also comes with a curved display only. Previous reports also tell us that the device will come with a 4k resolution display and dual rear cameras. But we may see the 4k display and the dual cameras only on the larger 5.5-inch display variant. However all these are just the initial set of rumours and specs, so take all these info with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, we can only hope that this time around we get proper batteries at least, which won’t explode on us.

Note: The featured image displayed is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


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