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Samsung knows why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded, but they are not ready to tell us just yet



The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 phablet in the month of August which looked at the best smartphone of the year. But soon the tables turned, and it went on to become the worst smartphone to be ever launched from the best. Soon after the launch of the phablet, multiple reports of the device getting exploded started to pop in. This turned out to be a huge flaw within the device itself which forced the company to recall the phablet. And not just that, they also stopped producing them. Until this point, nobody knew the reason behind the explosions including Samsung, but now it looks like they know exactly what was causing the explosions.

According to the source, Samsung has managed to duplicate the explosion internally and have also shared the results of its internal investigation with UL and the Korea Testing Laboratory. As curious as you may be for knowing the reason for it, the company is not going to tell you or anyone anything until the end of the year. Yes, it looks like they will come up with a detailed report giving the reasons for the explosion maybe by the end of the year, but until then, they are not ready to share the results with the public just yet.

According to the previous reports, the company was blaming the design flaw with the battery within the phablet as the reason for the explosions. It was reported that they wanted the battery to be as small as possible and pack a lot of power at the same time to keep the design of the phablet thin as well as make it last a long time. Well, that clearly didn’t work out but now it looks like the reason could be something else. Do make a note that none of this info is confirmed yet and we definitely have to wait for further info from Samsung on this. So until then we suggest you take all the allegations with the pinch of salt.

Now with the fall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet, the company wants to focus on the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone and give it their best shot. And looking at all the rumors, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 does look like it is going to be really good. Samsung is also trying to implement as many note 7 features into the Galaxy S8 as possible. The company is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 smartphone on February 26 at the Unpacked event in Barcelona. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on this as we will update once we have more info.


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