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Samsung to Introduce Y-OCTA New Touch Display on Galaxy Note7



Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Side Display

Earlier today, Samsung confirmed to launch its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd in New York. Apart from the rumored specifications and features, there are no official details available about the device as of now. The leaked images show the design change to be minimalistic on the Galaxy Note 7 when compared to its predecessor Galaxy Note 5 (not Note 6). From outside, the major change on the front is the dual edge display and on the rear, the camera bump will be less thick as on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge.

Samsung is said to make the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 slimmer than the Galaxy Note 5. Even Apple is rumored to make the upcoming iPhones slimmer by removing the 3.5mm audio port. But LeEco jumped in with CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) technology and became the first company to sacrifice the standard audio port. Instead of compromising over the audio port, Samsung is coming up with a new display technology called Y-OCTA in the process of making the device slimmer.


Till date, the company is using the films under the display glass in the curved devices like Galaxy S7 Edge; these films are responsible for the touch recognition in the curved displays. Now with the Y-OCTA technology, the touch sensors will be attached to the display in the manufacturing process. With this new technology, the electrodes which are earlier placed between the film and the display are now passivated to the display. The display of the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t require the film, and the electrodes are coated onto the display itself.

Apart from making the device thinner, the company is also expecting to save the production cost of the curved displays. The Y-OCTA technology also effects the key suppliers for Samsung since there is no need of importing the touch films which the company used to do till date. The same technology used for Galaxy Note 7 will also be deployed for the upcoming high-end devices as well. Samsung will be using Super AMOLED display with Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution.

It is expected to sport 5.7″ or 5.8″ display with curved edges on both the sides, same as Galaxy S6 Edge+. The IRIS scanner will be another new feature that will be first seen on a Samsung smartphone. Though its sports a fingerprint sensor, the device can be still unlocked by scanning the retina of the user’s eye. Stay tuned, as the official launch is only a few weeks away and we expect much more information to be leaked in the coming days.


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