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Samsung Gear Sport Is Said To Be The First Device Powered By Tizen OS 3.0



If you have been following the news lately, then you probably already know that the company is already working on a new smartwatch fitness band hybrid. No, we are not talking about the Gear Fit 2 Pro as that is a totally differnet device altogether. In fact, the company is also all set to launch the next Gear S smartwatch on August 30th. Hence, essentially, what we are looking at here is a completely new device which is said to be bringing the best of both the worlds i.e. the Gear S smartwatch as well as the fitness band.

Well, there was not a lot of info about this hybrid watch until now. Yes, we now have a new report which says that this device will certainly be the first of its kind to be running on the company’s in house OS, i.e Tizen OS 3.0. A couple of months back, it was reported that the company was working on this, however, now we also know that this could be the first device to be running on the new OS. The Gear Sport hybrid smartwatch was apparently spotted recently at the Wi-Fi alliance and it looks like the listing confirmed the data.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, we have no other details about neither the OS nor the watch itself. But considering the fact that the company’s OS is running on the last year’s Gear S3 as well, we can expect it to be as good as that, if not any better. Having said that, it now remains to be seen if the company will launch this device also on August 30the or not. In case you missed it, we had already reported about the company launching the next Gear S smartwatch by the end of this month. We are expecting the new Gear S smartwatch as well as the Gear Fit 2 Pro to go on sale at the same time.

And now, it looks like this watch will also go on sale around the same time. Do make a note that this is not officially confirmed yet and these are just our initial set of speculations. But needless to say that it is a lot confusing now. So essentially, we are going to get a smartwatch, a fitness band as well as a hybrid of both as well. Yes, welcome to 2017! With that said, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Be sure to let us know if you would be interested in buying it or not by leaving a comment down below.

Source – TizenExperts


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