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Samsung Galaxy S8 could sport an OLED Display with over 90% screen-to-body ratio



Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Side Display

We have been hearing a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone from Samsung, and at this point all the rumours which we have right now make it look like it is going to be one of the best smartphones ever launched. But if you thought you have everything about it, then you are wrong. We now have some new reports which claim something completely unusual and never seen before design feature in any Galaxy smartphone. Well, how does a nearly full screen OLED display sound?

Yes, you heard it right, we might see a Galaxy S8 smartphone with a nearly full-screen display on the front i.e. a nearly a nearly bezel-less or edge-to-edge OLED display. The same has been confirmed by a Samsung Display researcher who mentioned that the company is pouring considerable resources into the development of this panel. Park Won-sang, a principal engineer at Samsung Display, quoted that the company would be rolling out a full-screen display whose screen to body ratio reaches more than 90-percent by next year.

Well, although he didn’t mention specifically that it would be the S8 smartphone, our best possible guess is that it is going to be the S8 only since it is what the company has right now and they somehow need to prove they are the best when it comes to innovation. And yes, not to forget that they need to come out of the dark days of Note 7 as well. In theory, this will be quite an interesting device to look forward to since we don’t really have many devices in the market which offers such high screen to body ratios.

If you have been following the news for a while, then you might be aware of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone from the company. Right now, it is the only smartphone which has such high screen to body ratios which look stunning as well as manages to look good at the same time, without giving up much on the functionality. Do make a note here, Park also stated that the company will be trying to push this further and come up with a display with about 99-percent of screen-to-body ratio. Well, in that case, every corner of the device will have the screen on the front.

And another thing to note here is that, if Samsung comes with such a display on the S8, then the home button has to be removed and hence maybe we might be seeing it either at the back or maybe they will implement the rumoured optical fingerprint recognition technology. Yes, now that’s a lot of info to speculate about the smartphone as of now and hence we are leaving it up to you to do all the assumptions regarding the same. However, if you need to know anything else about this smartphone then be sure to stay tuned here as we will be updating more info once we have some other details to report.

Note – The featured image displayed above is of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


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