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Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Comparison



Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison

Samsung has been doing an excellent job to make its consumers confuse a lot by introducing two variants every time they launch a new device. With this going on for almost two years when the company first introduced Note 4 & Note Edge, the next year came S6 & S6 Edge, the same year we saw Note 5 & S6 Edge Plus. Now this year at MWC the South Korean giant announced their Next Galaxy in the form of S7 & S7 Edge. Again, more confusion to the consumers!

Well in order to make the decision easier, we decided to give you five good reasons why your next smartphone should be the Samsung Galaxy S7, but not any other smartphone or even the Galaxy S7 perhaps. Note that most of the features and internals of Galaxy S7 Edge are quite identical to the Galaxy S7. So, expect to see some points that might apply to the S7 as well. Also, don’t forget to check out our hands-on video of the device to get a closer look at what it has to offer.


Samsung is known for concealing innovation in its sleek form factor, with dual edge display on the Galaxy S7 Edge it is the pretty good reason to choose it over any other flagship smartphone in the industry today. Yes, even the G5, which many says doesn’t sport a good design on the rear side. Well, that’s certainly is up for debate on our forums page. So, you could argue there while we continue our love for the display on S7 Edge. If you like large real estate on your device, it has a 5.5-inch screen against the 5.1-inch display on the S7. Having an always-on display and Quad HD resolution makes it a must have regarding hardware. Meanwhile, the edge displays offer an attractive look and more software features than S7.


For a fact Galaxy, S7 Edge is significantly larger than Galaxy S7, 5.5-inch display compared to 5.1-inch display. While it should have meant thicker body and bulkier device, the S7 Edge is only 5 grams heavier than S7, and about 0.2mm thinner. Yes, you read it right! The dual edge display device is curvier on both sides and thus giving it an advantage in thickness over most of the flagship devices. This means despite you getting more display, you also get more brilliant curves, with a little to no compromise.


Both the latest Galaxy siblings sports same metal construction unibody design over which there is a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. While we have established that one is a large device with a 5.5-inch display, another one has a 5.1-inch display. It’s not only that they also have different edge construction. The Galaxy S7 has a 7.7mm thickness whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 7.9mm thickness. Why is that so? It’s because S7 Edge has a dual curved display, which makes its display much wider. These edges have been given names, this time; the company is calling them Edge Panel. They offer access to notifications, alerts and shortcuts to the various app.

Battery Life

The highlight of the Galaxy S7 Edge is that it comes with a massive 3600mAh capacity battery, compared to 2600mAh capacity on the last year’s S6 Edge. With increased 1000mAh battery onboard, this time, our faith was restored in the good old Samsung, which doesn’t like to compromise. The sibling, Galaxy S7, sports a 3000mAh, which is relatively good as it has small size display. But having a huge battery pack on a smartphone makes a lot of difference.


Of course, there is a price difference, since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge, Samsung has been playing the card of launching two siblings side-by-side. The Edge display innovation carried forward by S6 Edge; then it was further expanded to the S6 Edge Plus. There would always be a huge price difference, between a non-edge and edge display handsets. Thus, here you can see around Rs 8K of the price difference as well. Where S7 Edge costs whooping Rs 58,900, its little sibling can be still hurt your pockets at Rs 48,900. But are they worth it. Well, for that you’ll have to wait for our detailed review of both the handsets.

Some Similarities You Should Know

When Samsung last year announce that they have removed the support for microSD card on the Galaxy S6, the consumers weren’t forthcoming with the idea of owning a device with non-expandable storage. Well, flagships are supposed to sports everything and it finally came to company’s senses this year and thus they have brought back the most widely demanded feature. The microSD card support! This again is a characteristic shared with Galaxy S7, and it will go a long way in appealing the Samsung core consumers, who didn’t upgrade last year. Many flagship smartphones launched till now have been missing this feature. It will prove to be quite a crucial addition, as the company plans to sell only 32GB variant in some regions like North America.

We admit this is by far the best comeback feature on the Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 Edge, not to mention on S7 as well. This is the area, where other flagships don’t stand a chance and are ultimately trumped by the Galaxy S7 series handsets. With IP68 rating, the device can be dipped into a 1-meter immersion up to 30 minutes without any harm. As well as an offer dust proof feature too.

It has been reported that Samsung has been breaking the record regarding pre-order of the latest Galaxy S7 series smartphones. And that S7 Edge is considerably getting more attention from consumers. What other reasons you have to pick the S7 Edge over other flagship devices? Shout out in the comments section below.


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