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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral variant officially launched, will be available in select markets



As reported earlier, Samsung has now officially confirmed the launch of the new Blue Coral color for the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone worldwide. In a press release on its U.S website, the company reported that this new color of the smartphone has been officially released and it will be available in the select market around the globe starting November 1st. As far as the availability goes, more info on that will be provided by the carriers and the regional Samsung office.

Well, talking about the availability of this new color in India, we can’t really vouch for the same since even the Note 7 didn’t come in the blue color here. But it is expected to arrive in U.S market soon along with Taiwan & Singapore, etc. However, stay tuned for more info about the availability as we will update once we have a list of countries.

Earlier – Samsung launched the Note 7 smartphone previously and one of the color options in which it was offered was the Coral Blue. Yes, it WAS offered because now it is not available anywhere as the company has stopped manufacturing them. Well, yes, the Coral Blue was indeed beautiful and probably the one which most of the people would have picked. But hey, it looks like Samsung knew that and hence now maybe they are planning to launch the S7 Edge smartphone with the coral blue color.

Yes, official pictures of the Coral Blue Galaxy S7 edge have bee just posted by Samsung Taiwan and with that we get a close look at how the smartphone will look at in all its glory. The very first thing to note here is the fact that the smartphone will be launched in Taiwan on November 1st. So this not just a speculation or some rumour which you should ignore. This is very much real and will be sold in Taiwan. With that being said, another thing to know here is the fact that it is the exact same S7 edge which was launched previously and there is nothing new as far as the specs or the features are concerned.

Also, the company has previously stated that this new variant of the S7 Edge will be launching in Singapore as well on November 5th. Hence we do believe that the company is now trying to make this smartphone variant available widely across the globe. And yes, that’s what we also expect since the smartphone in Coral blue color looks gorgeous. And also, if you reside in the U.S, then this new variant is likely headed your way as well.

Yes, although it is not confirmed by the company, but there were rumours previously which indicated that this new Coral Blue variant of the S7 Edge will make its way to Verizon in the U.S. And as mentioned earlier, there is nothing different here other than the new paint job. And if you were disappointed that the Note 7 in Coral Blue is dead, then this is definitely something for you to consider. With that being said, we do hope that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone to also come in this beautiful color option.

Do make a note that the Note 7 launched in India came only in two color option and the Coral Blue was not one of them. So maybe if you think the S8 will come in the new Coral Blue or even if you are waiting for this S7 edge in India, then you might not be as lucky as you think to pick one up. However, we don’t have any official confirmation on this and we have to wait for the company to confirm its existence in India. But as mentioned earlier, it is likely to be skipped here in India. Stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more details.


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