Samsung Galaxy S7 brings Clipboard Option to Paste Earlier Copied Texts

by Vishal Toshiwal 3

This week has got us all excited for particularly one handset, Samsung Galaxy S7 because we have finally got our hands on with the device. While we prepare to post our detailed review soon, in the meantime we are bringing you a small dosage of what new features the latest Galaxy phones; S7 & S7 Edge, have packed. And this Clipboard is one of them.

Well, it isn’t exactly a new feature, if you’re a regular Samsung user; you’ll be familiar with copy and paste text feature. But on new handsets, it has improved a lot; or rather I should say it has become much more streamlined. Before we dive into this on how to use the feature, let me explain it in short what it is about. It will help you in duplicating or moving copied text with ease from one app to another. As all the copied text would be saved to the clipboard, what it means is that you can’t only paste a text that you copied just now, but paste recently copied texts too. As long as you haven’t cleared everything from the clipboard.

How to Access the Clipboard on Samsung Galaxy S7

It might not be your first time that you’re copying text, or even taking a screenshot on your Samsung device. Then, you will be able to easily access the clipboard from a text entry field in any app. But for explanation purpose, we will access the clipboard from a text entry field while composing a new tweet in Twitter app. Below we have mentioned few steps on how you can access the Clipboard feature on the Galaxy S7.

  1. Copy a text from any app, or maybe take a screenshot if you like.
  2. Now open Twitter app on your device, and then tap on the lower left icon to compose a new tweet.
  3. Long tapping in the message field will open a popup, now if you copied something just now, then you’ll see two options; paste and clipboard, if not, then only one option; clipboard.
  4. Tapping on the clipboard will display all the recently copied text/pictures in the keyboard area.
  5. You can browse through the text/pictures, but unfortunately only text can be selected. Once you select the item, it will be entered into the message field.
  6. If you want to erase all the copied items on your clipboard, then, just tap on the Delete All option, you’ll be asked to confirm, tap on Delete and all items would be erased.

Hope above steps has helped you in understanding the clipboard feature and how it performs. Check out the full tips page to know any tricks, and learn about other options on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Vishal Toshiwal

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  • Juan Dotson

    How do you lock copied text so it’s not deleted after you exceed clipboard amount / delete all ? I use this LOCK feature all the time on my prior Galaxy phones. So disappointed Samsung overlooked this important lock feature.

  • Yo Bro

    Its actually a step backwards, u used to be able to lock things to the clipboard so only the rubbish got deleted

  • Judy Let It Be

    I will agree that the way that this has got to be done to get to your clipboard is a step backwards backward backward backward. Come on Samsung. My best friend talked me into getting an apple fun had it for about a year and went through 4 phones in one year didn’t want to get it anyway but I did just to see, worst experience ever so that’s the one and only time I was never in an Android phone, let alone Samsung.

    And as time has gone by since I went back to Samsung and Android system I am becoming more disappointed than happy and that upsets me. Samsung running the Android system has been by far the best way to go for a while now. I even told friends a couple weeks but that they are going to crush Apple they have a better software Hardware excetera in a better running smoother phone. My 7 Edge is it may be the exception to the rule definitely not saying it’s worse than Apple products butt it is not by any means of the word the phone I thought I was getting. Also in this why did we take the hands-free app off of the phone not everybody has a newer vehicle with the hands-free system.

    So to finish this up IF BY SOME SMALL CHANCE SAMSUNG /ANDROID would happened to get this and happen to actually read it. HANDS-FREE should be a REQUIREMENT PERIOD there will always be a customer that buys your product that does not have a vehicle the hands-free phone system the bottom line is SAFETY ALWAYS ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!! It doesn’t matter what product you produc in this country and around the world and SAFETY ISN’T THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY and in the Forefront of every single COMPANY regardless of what they put out there for the CONSUMER to purchase.

    So for every Samsung/ Running Android system that has come out and does not have the hands-free app they need to do an update so all of the consumers who have bought phones without the app have the ability to install hands-free mode .
    As for myself the hands-free mode was one of the big apps I always looked for.

    For the simple fact of I still use an older vehicle that does not come equipped with that and I also have a vehicle that does.