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Flagship Wars: Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Smartphone Comparison



Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

Every year flagship devices from big brands go head to head in the ring of the smartphone market. This year was not much different, with Samsung offering a beast of an option for the smartphone consumers in India, we thought it was only fitting that we compare the device with Apple’s most popular iPhone to come out last year, the iPhone 6. Let’s dive into this brief comparison between Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6.


The display size of 5.1-inch on S6 will be a better deal than 4.7-inch on iPhone 6 if you want to enjoy the videos and browsing experience. But talking about the resolution, there is a war of QHD displays going on among the mobile vendors, the users are left with dozens of choices. But here, specifically we are talking about the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. It may not be a fair comparison, but that is what it is. The 2K display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels can be seen on the S6 while iPhone 6 only has a display closer to 720p, 1334 x 750 pixels to be exact.

There’s also a difference in technologies used by both of the mobile giants, which makes a big impact too. While Apple uses LCD, Samsung has chosen to go with its usual OLED technology. On Galaxy S6, you can see a perfect blend of black levels and impressive contrast ratio, which makes it more suitable for watching films. There is no over-saturation on Galaxy S6 that we saw on the S5‘s display. The iPhone 6, on the other hand, has great viewing angles, and color accuracy on its retina display.

So, iPhone 6 may offer a great screen, but it’s hard to compete with the offering something like a 2K display. Therefore, Galaxy S6 wins this round.


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These days having a good smartphone camera is a great deal, because the truth is not many people would like to carry the DSLR everywhere. Samsung and Apple have done a fantastic job with their cameras, but the fact that S6 captures more sharp and brighter photos than iPhone 6 without losing the details is amazing.

Apple iPhone 6 camera has half the megapixel count of what Samsung Galaxy S6 camera offer. To be precise, S6 has 16MP rear camera while iPhone 6 has 8MP rear camera. Moreover with improved OIS from what we saw on the Note 4, the latest flagship from Samsung should be your choice if you’re into smartphone photography. The S6 can take a challenge of capturing amazing photos in bad lighting conditions, which is not favorable by iPhone 6’s camera module.

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Check out the camera samples for understanding how the camera of Galaxy S6 is better than Apple iPhone’s camera. We took photos from both devices of the same object in similar conditions and you can see them above.

Talking about the front camera, the selfie lovers would like the camera on S6, which is of 5MP and offers a wider 120-degree capture than iPhone 6’s.


Samsung Galaxy S6: Exynos 7420 64-bit Octa-core chipset, Mali 2760 GPU, 3GB RAM.

iPhone 6: A8 64-bit dual core chipset, PowerVR GX 6450 GPU, 1GB RAM.

You get 64-bit on both the devices, but has low RAM, which means app switch is not as smooth because free RAM would not be there after opening few apps. Moreover, the RAM on Galaxy S6 is DDR4, which is faster while Apple iPhone 6 has DDR3 RAM.

Though, the ultimate answer comes to that no one loses here. Both the devices have heavy specs when compared to the requirements for their respective mobile platforms. The Ecosystem allows iOS to be good enough during the 64-bit architecture on the Android Lollipop, which can take full advantage of the Exynos chipset on Galaxy S6.


So, should you go with Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6? Well, it is a simple decision if you know what you want in your smartphone. If that list includes a 2K display, superb performance, impressive camera, then there is no doubt that your choice should be the Samsung Galaxy S6. Moreover, with a price tag of lower than Apple iPhone 6, you get a ton of feature that won’t be available on even the next iPhone, which is likely to be announced soon.


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