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Samsung Galaxy S6 Explodes Mid-Flight Causing Burns to the Owners Hand



After the success of the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge smartphones, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 with top notch specifications making it a decent upgrade over the Galaxy Note 5. Though the device got some good rating in the initial reviews, the continuous explosions of the device made the company to pull out the Note 7 from the market and later stopped the production. It even replaced or refunded all the Galaxy Note 7 sold all over the world. For the devices which are still left with users, now the company is disabling the connectivity features making them unusable.

At the time of all the Note 7 initial explosions, few other Samsung devices like Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge are also reported to be exploded. While the Galaxy Note 7’s battery is the reason for explosions, there isn’t any official information about the explosions of the other Samsung devices. Now in December, a new explosion of a Samsung device is reported onboard of a China Airlines flight CI027 traveling to Taipei. The device involved in this incident is the 2015 launched Samsung Galaxy S6. In middle of the journey, the Galaxy S6 was exploded and emitted a lot of smoke in the cabin.

While all the passengers in the flight are safe, the sudden explosion caused small burns to the owner’s hand. While the flight attendants put off the smoke using the fire extinguisher, later the device was said to be sealed in an ice bucket. According to the China Airlines and Aviation Safety Council (ASC), there are no injury or damaged reported apart from the small burns to user’s finger. However, further information about the incident will be announced only after the further investigation. As of now, the ASC had appointed an investigation team to investigate the reason behind the explosion.


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