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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ gets Android Marshmallow update in Malaysia



Samsung is said to be in high-gear since few weeks as we have seen the most recent launches of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. And now, the Android devices are being hit by the Marshmallow OTA’s. In recent times, we have been hearing the news of Marshmallow updates for the devices Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 5. Now, it’s time for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus smartphone to receive an official Marshmallow update.

The recent update on Galaxy S6 Edge plus devices was seen in Malaysia as Samsung rolled out the OTA for few devices. We are not sure whether all the users are receiving the updates or not, but as of now we managed to get the information about the change-log through few users.

How to check for the Update

So far the users who are from Malaysia can check out their device for an OTA notification that helps them in downloading this new update. Anyhow, you can check for the update on your device manually by Tapping on “Settings > About Phone > Software Information”.

Details of Change-log

As per the information, the file size is about 1.3 GB and the updated version is G9287CDXU2BPB4/ G9287COLB2BPB4/ G9287CDXU2BPB4. After the upgradation, the OS changes to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Marshmallow cahngelog

  • Touchwiz has been updated following which the users can experience smoother functionality along with an enhancement of visual design.
  • In the latest update, Samsung has improved the Security by enabling the protection through fingerprints. Now the users have to enter an alternative unlock method from Pattern, PIN, or Password before adding a fingerprint.
  • To establish a secured connection with the nearby devices, a new feature named Quick Connect has been added which shows older connections as well as present connected devices.
  • Advanced version of power saving mode will helps the users to extend the battery life by restricting the background data.
  • Also, there have been few changes to settings of email, theme and widgets.

How to disable encryption

The new Marshmallow update doesn’t seem to be in support with decrypt device function and so the users cannot disable the encryption (if already enabled) after the update. But there is an alternative to do so; you need to disable the encryption before starting the update process. Then, tap on ‘Settings>Lock Screen & Security> Other security settings’ and then tap on decrypt device.

Also, update the Samsung Gear with the latest available version and if it is not working after the Marshmallow update, then uninstall the Gear Fit Manager app and then install again.

If you received the latest update and started using it, then write us down about your experience so that other users can know about the same.


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