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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ catches Fire while Charging with S3 Charger



Smartphones catching fire is not very common, but these days because of the overheating issues we are hearing some devices catching flames. Earlier, we reported about a passenger’s Apple iPhone 6 that caught an 8-inch fire while she was traveling on flight. Recently, a user Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was turned into smokes while lying on the bed in charging mode.

Let us discuss the incident briefly; the device owner said that the phone was being charged at the time the incident happened, and it was lying on the bed next to him. He suddenly woke up on hearing some sound and smelled nasty fumes. He thought that the charger that was being used had caught fire, but this was not the case as his Galaxy S6 Edge+ was the thing that broke out into flames.

In most cases the use of the faulty third-party charges leads to this scary incidents, but the owner said that he was using the Samsung branded Galaxy S3 charger that should have always worked fine. We don not have an exact reason, but the Galaxy S6 Edge+ may have smoked fumes because of a faulty battery, overheating or its exposure to dust and water elements as the use of the Galaxy S3 charger cannot be the reason.

This kind of incidents are rarely heard, but when happened are very scary. We always advise you to use the original chargers, as this kind of events mostly occur because of the use of the faulty third party chargers.


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