Galaxy S6 isn’t inspired from iPhone, but from Samsung’s own Ativ S

by Amit Bhawani 6

Samsung ATIV S Front

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 today, at the Unpacked Event in Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, with some mind blowing features. The device is certainly one of the best we have seen from Samsung in the last few years, not just in terms of the hardware but also the design, which is for sure is better than the Galaxy S5 with the dimpled back.

The brand has moved from the plastic back panels to full metal inclusions, which is all thanks to the user’s feedback. Now there is a lot of buzz in the Social Media that Samsung has again copied Apple and this time their latest flagship, i.e. the iPhone 6, but we have a different though on this. Before you start comparing the Galaxy S6 photos with the iPhone 6, you need to ensure that you have taken a quick look on Samsung’s own ATIV S Smartphone that was running on Windows Phone 8. The ATIV S was announced in 2012 and didn’t make a hit in the market but at least has inspired them to use the design in the latest flagship.

Samsung ATIV S Photos

Apple iPhone 6 Photos

Samsung Galaxy S6 Photo

Samsung Galaxy S6 Official Photo

[quote align=’right’] The Verge : SIMILARITIES TO THE IPHONE 6 ARE UNDENIABLE [/quote] I don’t agree with this point made by The Verge, considering their bias around the Apple products in the recent past. Samsung is always accused, but this time we think they should not be. Instead it is Apple who can be accused and the above-mentioned samples can add some weight to the argument. It is not that Apple has blatantly copied the ATIV S, but we can say that it is inspired by the same and Samsung has neatly ported the same for their latest flagship.

Let me know with your thoughts on who has copied whom or who’s inspired with whom from the photos hosted above.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Amit i do feel that their are lots of devices now in the market some are now also in the stores and some are just discontinued, each brand cannot just take care in making the phone does it design matches with Samsungs gt sxxx or GT Axxx so it doesnt make sense on comparing the Ative S design with iPhone maybe it is a coinsidense and on samsungs part it is true they yould have taken some parts from thw old phone.

  • Dan

    Doesn’t matter…..they all resemble the iPhone!

    • Daniel Ellegaard Nordström

      Samsung are skilled to have copied a design 2 years in advance.

  • colacastell

    Anything else needed? (Hint: The left one is the iPhone.)

    • Of course the left one is the iPhone, they don’t look alike other than the bottom edge. Even a child knows the difference between a circular button and a pill shaped one. Or is it the rectangular slab thing that’s confusing you?

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