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Top 7 Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Problems & How To Fix them



Samsung always manages hard to stay at the top among the other Android-device manufacturers. At regular intervals, it releases a wide variety of devices for its users which embeds latest technological features. Recently we have seen the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones which grabbed the attention of almost all smartphone lovers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 smartphone was released long back, but it is still being used as a primary device. Well, just like all other Android devices, it also showcased few issues after using it for few months. But, luckily, we can overcome the issues with few workouts. So, don’t get panic when you see an issue in your device, just relax and go through the below solutions to resolve the issues.

1. Lag in Performance

Problem – Most users reported that, after using the device for few months, they see lag in the performance of the device. This is a very common issue in all other Android devices and with few workouts, one can easily resolve the issue.

Solution – Lag issue will arise due to various reasons and so users need to try step by step workouts for fixing the issue. First of all, let’s try to enable the developer options to increase the device performance. To enable these options, you have to tap few times on the ‘Build number’ option under ‘Settings>More>About Device’. Once the options are enabled, you can find them under your device settings and so open them and scroll down to find animation scale options. Now, turn those options off or reduce them to 0.5x to get the better functionality of the device.

Next, you have to remove the cache that is stored in the apps and device. To remove app cache, open each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button. For clearing cache from the entire device, you need to get the device into recovery mode. For that, turn off the device and press and hold Volume Up, home and power buttons simultaneously at the same time for few seconds. In recovery mode, use volume buttons for navigation and power button for confirming the selection. Now, select and confirm ‘wipe cache partition’ option and once the process is done go for ‘Reboot system now.’

By now, the lag issue should get resolved and if not, then you have to perform the factory reset. To perform the factory reset, you need to turn off the device and should get the device into recovery mode as explained above. In here, select and confirm ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option using volume and power buttons and then go for ‘Yes.’ The same process can also be done by opening ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>Reset Device>Erase Everything’. Once the process is done, your phone should be free from the lag issue. Do remember that factory reset will erase everything from your device and so take a back up before performing this task.

2. Over-heating issue

Problem – Another common issue that is troubling the Galaxy S4 I9505 smartphone users is over-heating of the device. Many reported that, their device is heating up unconditionally and so we made few workouts with the same and found a solution for it.

Solution – First, you need to make sure that the charger which you are using for charging the device should be original. Next, avoid the usage of phone while it is plugged-in for charging. Also, remember that playing high-resolution games also heat up the device and so avoid playing such games and uninstall them from the device.

Try to avoid the use of widgets and live wallpapers as they will over-load the processor and causes the over-heating issue. Remove bloatware from the phone as pre-installed apps may also become the reason for over-heating of the device. Even then the problem exists, clear the cache from the device as explained in the above solution. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then perform the factory reset as explained in the solution 1.

3. Battery Draining Issue

Problem – Many users reported that the battery is getting discharged faster than usual and due to this they aren’t able to use the phone for a long time. Well, to resolve this issue we made few workouts which help you to resolve the issue.

Solution – At first, free your device from all the battery-draining apps. To do so, open all the apps and double-check the apps which are causing the battery-draining issue. Next, uninstall all such apps from the device and also uninstall/disable pre-installed apps from the device.

Make use of original battery chargers while charging the device so as to experience the real usage of battery. Also, turn off the connections like data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whenever not in use as they discharge the battery very sooner.

4. Wi-Fi connection issue

Problem – Few users reported that they are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Well, these days it became common in all the Android devices.

Solution – First of all, switch off your device and turn it back on after 30 seconds. Now connect to the Wi-Fi and if the problem persists, then switch off the router for one minute and then restart it and connect. By now, the Wi-Fi issue should get resolved.

5. Bluetooth and Data connection issue

Problem – Many users reported that their device isn’t able to connect to Bluetooth and data connections. This may be due to various reasons and with few workouts, one can easily rectify this issue.

Solution – At first, make sure that you are pairing with the right device. Then check all your old paired devices and remove them all. Now, start pairing with the new device from beginning. For data connection issue, try to enable the flight mode for some time and then disable it. This will rectify the issue of data connection.

6. Issues after Software Update

Problem – Few users reported that after updating their device few issues raised in the phone. Well, this is not happened to all the users as we received the complaints only through few users.

Solution – At first make sure that you have updated the device with the official release software. In case if you are facing the issues after the update, then try to perform the factory reset on the phone as explained in the solution 1.

7. Rebooting Issue

Problem – Few users reported that the device is getting rebooted suddenly and the issue is happening more frequently. Well, by making few workouts you can resolve this issue.

Solution – At first, try to update the device with the latest software as many users reolved this issue after upgrading their device. Sometimes, third party app may be a reason for this and so you need to clarify that by getting your device into safe mode. For that, power off the device and hold power button until you see Samsung S IV logo and then hold the volume down key until the safe mode screen appears. Now, you are in safe mode and in here third-party apps will not work. So use the phone for some time and check whether the issue persists. If not, then the problem is with the third-party app, and so exit the safe mode and reboot the device. Now check all the apps and uninstall the culprit app from the device.

If it doesn’t work, then follow the procedure in the solution 1 to perform factory reset of the device. by now, the issue of rebooting should have resolved.

Note – Do remember that, software updates which are released by the manufacturer will always contain the fixes for minor bugs and enhancements for the device performance. So, always update your device with the latest released software. Open ‘Settings>more>About device’ and check for any available updates.

In case, if you are facing any other issues with your Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 device feel free to write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve the issue for you.

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