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Samsung Galaxy On5 is Slow? 5 Ways to Speed up your Phone in 6 Minutes



When you first got your Samsung Galaxy On5, it must be blazing fast, and you could easily switch between apps and navigate with no lag. However, after some time has passed and you’ve filled your device with apps as you might have been using your daily driver. And apparently, it’s not the buttery smooth Touch UI experience, and you’re starting to hate the device and its interface.

Well don’t come to fast conclusions, you can still make your Galaxy On5 faster than it is right now. This is not a new situation, sooner or later this was meant to happen even for the fastest smartphones out there. While I admit, it might not be the smoothest performer in the budget range, but we have reviewed the device and our conclusion was that it is a good performer for your average daily tasks. But now if your On5 is not carrying out operations without lags, then you need to take some measures. We have laid out some of those measures that would help your device return to its original stage.

Clear App Cache (60 Seconds)

Installing lots of apps lately that you find interesting? Well, it’s a good for you, but not so good for your device. Those apps take a lot of cache memory over time; consuming valuable system resources, and thus slowing down the device. Though, there is quite an easy way to get rid of them; you have to go into Settings and clear out the cache. Head over to the storage page and then tap on the cache option, further tap on yes to wipe the cache. Although, many apps still hold onto the cache memory, you can identify them by going to the Apps page and individually clearing out the cache of each app. That might be quite a task for you, but see this way; you’ll have your snappier device back again.

Loose the Useless Apps (120 Seconds)

Your smartphone holds a lot of apps, and the chances are that you don’t regularly use all of them. So, rather holding on to the unused apps for a using them 1 time in a month, we would recommend uninstalling those apps. Many of them run in the background and use valuable system resources. If the unused apps list includes preloaded apps then what you can do is disable them, at least they won’t be using the system resources anymore. Thus, they’ll increase the performance of the system.

Limit/Remove Widgets (30 Seconds)

There’s no foul in playing easily with the app by creating shortcuts and having widgets on your home screen. But the ultimate price is paid by the battery of your device. While you were hoping to catch the apps directly from your home screen via widgets to increase your efficiency, but it wouldn’t exactly pan out like that if your device is a budget phone. The precious memory of your phone would be used by shortcuts and widgets, and they take a lot of working memory to showcase content as they’re updating in real time. And removing the widgets is quite easy, you just have to tap on the widget and drag it off the screen.

Disable Animations (60 Seconds)

What’s interesting on an Android device is that it is the so flexible system you can do a lot of things on it. Due to its open source nature, the system is unfolded to all kinds of third-party tweaks and enhancements. Like every Android smartphone has the Galaxy On5 also offer such feature. You can speed up the transition animations when we switch apps as well as when windows open and close. These tweaks are available in the settings area only but are initially hidden in the form of Developer options.

To enable them you have to tap the Build number at least seven times, and the Developer section will appear. Now scroll down the page animations scales where you’ll find three such options; Window, Transition and Animator animation scale. All you have to do is select animation off in those three scales. This should help processor as there won’t be any processing required for those animations; it would be instant. At first you might hesitate as it would feel weird, but I assure you it’s for the best.

No Apps Running in Background (30 Seconds)

Samsung Galaxy On5 - Recent Apps

Applications are all you have when it comes to smartphone and who doesn’t love to multitask on that. But every smartphone has a point where multitasking limits and that’s because of the low RAM availability on the system. While it’s important to check and close the recent apps once in awhile, but you also have to make sure that only the system apps should be running in a background process. To ensure that you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Apps page and individually force stops the apps that you think shouldn’t be running. It allows the system to have more free RAM than ever and thus finally speeding up the system performance.

We these tips would have helped your device in improving the performance of it. And if you’d further like to increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy On5, then we would like you to head over to our article on that. Don’t forget to join our forum where you can ask us all kinds of questions related this or any other device.


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